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How to Make Your Brand Stand out in the Feed

Stand out in the feed!


“Attention is a currency.” More than ever, this is extremely relevant for social media marketing.

When a person checks their Facebook account, several things demand his or her attention — notifications, messages, events, posts, ads and so on. If you are a brand trying to reach and resonate with this person, how can you earn their attention?

First, you need to understand how people use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. What do they expect to see once they arrive and start scrolling?

Facebook: The News Feed has evolved to become a visual space with images and video throughout. Although Facebook has changed over time, its overall benefit — staying connected with friends and family — has not. Your content is not only competing with competitors' posts; it's also competing with Sally’s graduation album and Jimmy’s home video. A good way to stand out is by producing something visual and highly shareable. If your content achieves this, then people will even share it with their friends and family.

Twitter: This is where users go for news and real-time updates. Over time, it has also become more visual, rolling out home timeline support for GIFs, video and (recently) Periscope streams. Implementing these media forms can help you stand out. Here your content has to compete with “update” tweets including news articles, politicians and celebrities. Another way to stand out is to tweet something relevant and in the moment. While scheduling tweets is a smart way to consistently post on Twitter, real-time moments can lead to high engagement if the timing and message are right.

Instagram: Instagram is all about beautiful imagery. Whether an image is posted by a brand or a friend, a lot of thought goes on before posting. To stand out, produce content that is inspirational. Beautiful food performs so well on Instagram because once someone sees it, they think “I want that” and respond with a like or comment. On a grander scope, brands like Herschel and Fossil connect with their followers with inspirational lifestyle imagery. When followers see an image of someone hiking with their backpack, it resonates and conveys meaning. Images that stand out on Instagram are ones that trigger emotion.

No matter which feed you look at, there will be competing posts. Scroll through your personal feeds and pay attention to what sticks out. And even after your brand posts, be sure to pay attention. Watch and listen to how your audience responds, and see what resonates and what doesn’t.

This article was originally published on Likeable Media’s blog.

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