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How Twitter Influences Tech Purchase Behavior [Infographic]

Did you know that Twitter users are 42% more likely than users of other social networks to be early tech adopters? Or that Twitter users are 76% more likely than users of other social networks to be tech influencers? This is according to new a new study by Zeitgeist Research, commissioned by Twitter, which aimed to establish a better understanding of Twitter’s role in the consumer decision journey on tech products.

As per Twitter:

“From the iPad to Oculus, every major technological innovation over the past ten years has played out on Twitter, fueled by influential early adopters who use the platform for an ongoing dialogue about tech.”

(Interesting that they made note of the Facebook-owned Oculus here)

For their study, Zeitgeist examined Twitter users and non-users across five consumer electronics categories, ranging from early to wide adoption. Their research uncovered eight important insights which they’ve built into this new infographic – worth consideration not only for those looking to market tech products, but also for those trying to reach more tech-savvy consumers more generally.
How Twitter Influences Tech Purchase Behavior [Infographic] | Social Media Today

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