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Social Media: 2016 To Dos and Don'ts

Social Media: 2016 To Dos and Don'ts | Social Media TodayWhat a 2015 it's been for social media. We've seen the decline in Facebook engagement (but its rise in video); the growth of Snapchat; the increase of paid social; Twitter changing from favorites to likes and so much more.

If you're a social media manager, like myself, you can't help but be excited for what's to come for social media in 2016.

Here are just a few tips you should take into the new year.

1. Do Create a Social Media Calendar

It's time to get organized again. Start planning out your year early. Once you have a system designed for you to keep each platform you operate regular, you'll be that much better off in 2016. There are tons of calendar templates you can use - search for samples from Hootsuite. Also consider Buffer as they have an internal social media calendar that can be helpful and save you time. Overall, your calendar will help you campaign events, set your platforms up for success and keep you organized.

2. Don't Avoid New Platforms

It's a new year and you shouldn't stick to your same routine. Switch it up a bit. Have you been thinking about Snapchat? Test it out, see its impact for your audience. By trying out a new platform, you have an opportunity to engage with your audience in a new way, and that can keep them interested in what you're doing. Give it six months. Set goals within those six months. What do you want to get out of this new platform? What purpose will it serve for your brand? What messages will it help you share? If nothing pans out the way you want it, then it's okay to trash it. Never hurts to try, however.

3. Do Become More Visual

Let's face it - social media is now primarily visual. You should take the time to know how to design great visuals with your content. Infographics are a great start. Set up a Canva account and learn how to work its platform. You can re-purpose old content, offer stronger storytelling and also create impact with using infographics. Also, tell your story through video and pictures.You have a higher chance of engagement if you're visual on the platforms.

4. Don't Not Budget for Social Media Advertising

You have to pay to win these days on social media - it's almost inevitable. For anything you post on Facebook, only 9% of the people who like your Page will see it. Why? Because Facebook wants you to pay for the engagement you used to get for free. If you want to reach a larger audience, boosting posts on the platforms will be helpful. I still believe that you should be able to use the platforms without breaking the bank - but you have to be practical and set aside a budget for paid social media.

5. Do Try Out Live-Streaming

Live-streaming is booming. It's a way to engage with your audience and understand their reactions in real time. It also gives you the opportunity to humanize your social media platforms - putting a face to your brand. Some ways to utilize live-streaming could be a Q&A, sharing snippets of a major event or sharing behind the scenes moments of your brand to the audience.

What are some of your 2016 to dos and don'ts for social media?

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