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Useful YouTube Optimization tips that will help give your video high ranking

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing strategies are getting more innovative to help land page advertisement. Similarly, YouTube is having a major impact on SEO rankings. Getting higher rankings for your page through YouTube videos is a grand strategy. Audiovisual influence is a clearer and stronger method as opposed to just using visual means for optimization.

Every month, there are over 800 million visits on YouTube. This makes it the second largest search engine after Google. Marketers and companies are taking to YouTube as an online marketing tool and there is no doubt that it has left both businesses and consumers spellbound. The use of codes and algorithms by YouTube is not as advanced as Google for arranging content in the internet. However, it improves business growth through higher web rankings. Additionally, use of YouTube greatly reduces marketing expenditure when compared to Television advertisements.  Therefore, it is imperative to know how YouTube ranks their videos in order to get more for your business using this versatile marketing tool.

How YouTube Ranks Their Videos

YouTube does not use any particular criteria for its rankings. You cannot rely on keywords alone when seeking YouTube optimization. There are specific areas that YouTube places into consideration but there is no particular hierarchy on these considerations. Here are some specific areas to focus on when you optimize your video.

  • Views and frequency
  • Flagging
  • Shares
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Annotation linking
  • Subscribers
  • Favorites

Ranking does not rely on any particular field; therefore, ensure you are unique with your titles as long as you stick to the rules and keywords. The following categories should be your focus as you get started

File name

Before uploading your video, ensure the title of the video and the file match and that you separate each key word using a hyphen. This is where optimization begins.


Usage of keywords help in identification of words that match with the video you are searching. Include keywords in the video title as well as the description.

Tags and categories

When uploading a video on YouTube you have the option to upload it to various categories. These categories should relate to the video that you are uploading. Tagging the video helps separate the video on YouTube from other categories. For instance, if you used the words “SEO agency in California” you should tag it using works like “agencies” or “California”.

Video title 

Apart from the postulated 50characters, you should ensure that the title of your YouTube video has relevant targeted keywords that link it to the content. This assures you that the title of the video appears in the search results. Apart from the engaging title, always ensure that your video is descriptive in order to be found among millions of videos with similar content that are competing with your YouTube video.  By creating a detailed description that is compelling, your YouTube video will definitely capture the viewers’ attention helping you accumulate high rank in YouTube and the most clicks. In order to keep your video optimized, ensure you keep on updating the title and adding more key words.

Video description

Write the video description liberally as you are allowed to describe the video within 160 characters. This will go a long way in ensuring your video shows up for any search results that your viewers may be searching. Add a link to a website before adding a detailed description. This links the video to a website that has high ranking as well. Along with a long informative description, add some short text at the beginning of the video description. Additionally, do not forget to include the key words that are relevant in the text.


Video annotation(s) is a function that helps you add interactive commentary to your YouTube videos.  You can add a note, speech bubble, a spotlight, a title, or just a pause at the right time as the video progresses. Business and companies avoid this function, as they do not find it professional; however, it is useful to your viewers. Annotations can be linked to related videos, your channel, your playlist, and other videos you find relevant. Annotations will definitely help in increasing your YouTube ranking.

You can customize annotation so that they may be perceived how you like them to be as they stay on the screen for only a few seconds. Annotations can also be in the form off long stories that precede the next page of the YouTube video. You can add links to other videos or channels, promo codes, feature teasers, and semi-transparent advertisements that you wish to appear in the video. This helps get the attention of your viewers and they will want to stay on the brand’s page a lot longer, which is a boost to your business.

Create your own channel

Creating a branded channel is a way of promoting your business or services. It is also an interactive way to share content with your audience. A channel page is a representation of you on YouTube publicly and it should be tailored to meet your personality. YouTube has channel information on the right hand side of the YouTube page. This provides optional space for a business to display other channels and you can add channels that YouTube users may be interested to watch.

Customize your page by making your YouTube channel page similar to your website regarding graphics and themes. You can also include a background image on you YouTube page. As you popularize your videos, your visitors will be motivated to hit share button and increase your YouTube rankings even more.

Finally, other ways you can use to increase your YouTube rankings include creating a playlist that will attract visitors who listen to songs that are on your playlist. You can also add social profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to ensure that your visitors share your videos and in the process help, you increase traffic to your YouTube video.

By following these tips on increasing YouTube video traffic, you are assured of increase in visitors, which leads to increase in profit for your business or company.  

Author Bio: Lalit Sharma is an SEO consultant who runs a SEO house called Ranking By SEO. He is specialized in link building and other SEO related activities. You can also find him on Twitter, Google+ and his personal blog.

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