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Social Tools

May 21, 2015
Never sure how much money you’ll be making next week? In 2014, the Federal Reserve found that about 1/3 of households experience income volatility. People who depend on tips or shift work for their income or people who work freelance might not be able to predict how much money will be coming in, which makes planning, financial or otherwise, very difficult. Now there is an app for that. It's called Even.
May 03, 2015
I’ve had the privilege of working with some really dynamic social media individuals in social media. My mentor was Sujan Patel - who is an absolute heavy-weight in anything related to digital marketing, I managed the Social Media team at When I Work , a SaaS startup, during the time that I was in charge of marketing there, and I’m now crushing it at my new company, Dollar Hobbyz , as we double Facebook followers in 2 months . But I couldn’t do any of this without a few key social media tools that exponentiate my efforts.
Social Media Toolbelt by William Harris
April 26, 2015
When it comes to managing social media accounts with better efficiency, it is essential to understand the tools used for successful management. However, you should agree to the fact that proper management of anything requires to do tasks appropriately. But the most important question is how you can manage your social media marketing campaigns effectively as it requires alignment of people in the correct positions, budget, time, and goals for successful completion of these campaigns?
April 22, 2015
Now let’s get down to the steady-win mobile app strategy. The things I write about here will work for the superstar apps I discussed in the previous post, but you should remember that creating a superstar app is usually a viral game, and you will still need luck to become excessively popular. The steady-win strategy is about good work that will always bring results for any app category.
April 17, 2015
Being an entrepreneur and integral part of your startup can be an extremely rewarding experience, but becoming successful is never easy. An often demanding and around-the-clock job, it can be difficult to balance both your personal and work life. Thankfully, the little rectangular objects that live inside most of our pockets on a daily basis include powerful features, to help busy entrepreneurs manage their daily routines and inspire success.
April 14, 2015
LinkedIn continues its expansion as an enterprise software provider with the launch of an employee advocacy product named Elevate . LinkedIn is the first social network to launch a software product in this space, and this further validates that employee advocacy is not going away. In fact, it...
linkedin elevate
April 07, 2015
As a social media manager, your day is filled with posting content on multiple social media channels, interacting and responding to fans all the while hoping not to miss a beat. If you’re looking for a better method and to take your social media productivity game to the next level than you need to try eClinche r —the newest social media management tool on the market that’s not just efficient, but 100% user-friendly. Of course, there are other social media management tools out there, but in my experience this is why eClincher is the ultimate social media productivity system.
social media productivity tool
April 02, 2015
First it was Coke vs. Pepsi, then Apple vs. Android and now we are dividing camps into Meerkat vs. Periscope. Meerkat quickly became a social media darling for streaming sessions from this year’s SXSW conference in Austin, but just as quickly as the live streaming app took off its wings were clipped by Twitter’s announcement that it had purchased Periscope, a similar live streaming app with more robust features including seamless integration with Twitter itself.
April 01, 2015
Since Drizzy’s release on March 4, it has been featured on Vibe, MTV, Elite Daily, Buzzfeed, Cosmopolitan, Mashable, Yahoo Music, and countless other sites. Within the first 48 hours after Drizzy’s release, it was downloaded 100,000 times. Within the first week, it was downloaded 200,000 times and was the #1 trending app on iPhone’s App Store.
March 30, 2015
In the past few years we’ve seen a significant move toward focused apps, in-app purchases, and increasing encroachment of the mobile advertising space. Today it is even more important that we finally take serious steps toward shifting from desktop to mobile networking and devices.