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Beyond Engagement

May 21, 2015
SAP used Dynamic Signal’s VoiceStorm platform to implement a small-scale advocacy pilot in Italy and the Netherlands. Uptake was encouraging, but the sharing activity that resulted had no context.
beyond engagement
May 07, 2015
With its new Elevate product, LinkedIn has jumped feet-first into the employee-advocacy marketplace, taking care to address an audience it feels is underexploited – employees. Although a fair comparison of features and product positioning will only be possible once Elevate is on general release later in 2015, I expect it to be a worthy – and likely formidable – competitor. Clearly, employee-advocacy companies live in interesting times.
April 23, 2015
If your employees are sharing content without generating engagement, their posts may be missing context; many people aren't sure what hashtags and mentions to include and how best to use them. In conversation with a hypothetical business leader, we explore ways of helping advocates to give their posts that all-important context.
April 02, 2015
In employee advocacy, if you’re serious about driving engagement, your content must appeal not only to your employees, but also to their social connections, or it will remain unloved, unshared and unread. Time spent understanding your audience and targeting your content accordingly is a hugely valuable investment, so let's take a look at a framework for curating high-quality shareworthy content.
March 19, 2015
Since I’ve always argued strongly against any attempt to hijack advocacy and repurpose it as a marketing-communication channel, I found this response particularly galling. Where had we overstepped the mark? I scoured our launch materials for anything that smacked of opportunism – and failed to find it. So what went wrong?
February 19, 2015
When it comes to employee engagement, if the C-suite isn’t leading from the front – you may as well not bother.
January 29, 2015
In an earlier post, we learned how a hypothetical business leader set about wrecking an employee-advocacy program, and identified some of the common mistakes that organizations make. Six months on, there's been a change of heart, and we learn how the same business leader plans to overcome the biggest obstacle to success - getting employees onside.
January 15, 2015
Start a discussion about the pioneers of employee advocacy, and one organization that always gets a mention is IBM. There are plenty of great online examples of how IBM drives ROI through employee advocacy, so I was delighted when Amber Armstrong, Program Director of IBM’s Social Business Team, found time in her schedule to talk me through a recent, highly successful initiative.
January 01, 2015
Business leaders or organizational heads who have “employee advocacy” on their to-do lists for 2015 have no right to expect their people to welcome these initiatives with open arms. Effective change management is essential for success; people need to be convinced of the benefits before they commit to participating, and that means senior management setting the example.
December 11, 2014
Many in the business community still draw a line between employees’ personal use of their social-media accounts and any business-related activities. Nevertheless, social channels can remain marketing free, while still readily promoting good will through honest, authentic interactions – anyone remember PR before the Internet?