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December 08, 2015
When starting out with Facebook ads, it's not always clear what steps you need to take in order to begin running relevant and impactful campaigns for your business. After all, there are many factors, tools and tactics to remember, not to mention numerous ad types to choose from and best practices to consider. With Facebook marketing beginners in mind, we've created the following checklist to help you go from a novice to social advertising master.
December 04, 2015
Instagram ads are here! That’s a headline you might have heard a couple of times in the past few months. The truth of the matter is, each headline was marking some milestone in a patchwork roll-out of the Instagram ads platform to business’ Facebook accounts. It’s for real this time though,...
December 03, 2015
You should really check out this ad from Lagavulin. Go ahead, I'll wait. In case you didn't watch the whole 'Yule Log' video, watch the first minute or two, and you'll get the gist of the whole thing, because that's what the whole ad is.
lagavulin neat
December 02, 2015
Ask any brand today: what’s the one place you need to be? Unequivocally, they’ll tell you: on social media, of course . However, the BIGGER question is this: How much are you spending on social, and where?
November 24, 2015
As our world become more and more mobile, marketers will continue to leverage the channel to their advantage. Here are just a few big brands with big social media presence that are using it to stay on top
November 20, 2015
In February Google launched “Friends Furever ,” an ad for its Android mobile platform. In the months since, it has racked up over 6.4 million shares , besting Disney’s “ Surprise Shopper ” ad (3.9 million shares) and a commercial for Purina pet food (“ Puppyhood ”) created by Buzzfeed (3 million shares).
November 18, 2015
One of Facebook's newest ad units is also one of its most versatile. With Carousel Ads, direct response advertisers are given extra space to get creative -- and brands are taking full advantage of the opportunity. When marketers invest time in building compelling interactive ads, cost savings follows - according to Facebook , Carousel Link Ads drive 30-50% lower cost-per-conversion and 20-30% lower cost-per-click than single-image link ads.
Facebook Carousel ads
November 09, 2015
According to Lucia Moses of Digiday, traffic to Facebook's top publishers has dropped precipitously this year, even while Facebook garners a lot of media attention (including from Social Media Today) for making inroads and deals with digital publishers.
November 04, 2015
If meteoric growth is any indicator of positive business sentiment, then the latest numbers from IAB suggest that paid advertising is paying off for brands—big time. According to a recent report issued by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), the second quarter of 2015 alone generated a record-...
Paid Advertising 101 Understanding Search and Display Advertising
November 02, 2015
Last night the Kansas City Royals defeated the New York Mets four games to one to win the 2015 World Series. But which brands won the social sphere?
Which brands won the world series in social media?