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November 02, 2015
2015 is nearing its end, and a new year is in sight. How has social media changed your life? For private users and online businesses alike, social media has become a powerful tool for interaction, communication, and presence.
October 27, 2015
Continuing the marketing industry's growing concern over the future of digital advertising in the era of ad blocking software and the transition away from desktop computing comes the news, via Lauren Johnson of AdWeek, that industry standards for charging advertisers for mobile ads have still not been set.
advertising on mobile
October 26, 2015
AdWeek recently published an article concerning ad blocking, advertising revenue, and the future risks and opportunities of digital publishing. The article is fascinating because it take the form of a roundtable between some of the major players in the fields. And, interestingly enough, all those involved seem to agree with each other about what the problem is and how they might fix things.
ad block discussion
October 22, 2015
On Wednesday, YouTube announced YouTube Red, a service that will allow subscribers to watch YouTube without ads. They also introduced YouTube Originals, which will be original program only available through the paid service. YouTube Red will cost $10 a month. Content creators will start work on...
October 21, 2015
As you may have heard by now, Facebook has recently announced its latest feature to its advertising community: the Dynamic Product Ads. This new feature has left a lot of advertisers excited about the future. The Dynamic Product Ads, or the Facebook Dynamic Product Ads, is everything that the hype has been building and more. If you’re looking to improve the advertisement of your products and its sale then you will surely be excited to hear what all is in store for you.
5 Reasons To Use Facebook Dynamic Product Ads
October 21, 2015
If there is some consolation for those who disagreed with the Supreme Court's Citizens United vs. FEC decision, which helped create Super PACs, or Political Action Committees that can take and spend unlimited amounts of money on campaign advertising, it is in the fact that we may be entering an era when political advertising is basically useless.
political advertising
October 19, 2015
Michael Kors, Mr Porter, Bacardi, and Wendy's are among the first brands to bring creative ad campaigns to Facebook mobile.
October 19, 2015
It's a beautiful time for digital marketing - a new and highly popular platform is open season for advertising. Instagram recently began en-masse rollout of their advertising platform, giving marketers access to the social network's 400 million daily active users .
October 08, 2015
Just as Instagram made it so pictures went up on a social platform moments after they were taken, platforms like Periscope allow you to live broadcast video. No more will you need to video something and then upload it later.
October 08, 2015
Ad blocking is the Internet industry’s biggest nightmare, but it may actually be leading us to a new era in marketing, where we focus more on stories and content than blatant promotional messaging.
Ad Block Changing Advertising Forever