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February 23, 2015
Those born between 1980 and the Early 2000s are considered “Millennials” and although generational analysis has a long and distinguished place in social science, as a millennial myself (born in 1981) I hate labels. Not to mention as a millennial I leverage data to make strategic decisions daily and never do I factor in only one variable, like the year someone was born.
January 09, 2015
As we grieve collectively over the Paris shootings this week, particularly those of us for whom expression of ideas is our passion, our living and our purpose in life (and with social, that’s pretty much all of us), let’s recognize the large role that social media has played.
Je Suis Charlie on social media
December 08, 2014
Are you, like many others, trying to become more “customer centric”? If you look inside many corporate boardrooms these days, aside from stressing about next year’s budgets, the C-suite probably has a combination of words or phrases in or near the top priorities for the next year.
November 19, 2014
Some of the world’s most-recognizable brands flourish in the nonprofit sector; Greenpeace, founded in 1971, is still young, yet it has already achieved worldwide recognition as a campaigning, environmental brand with unmistakable core values. Some of the facts behind #ClickClean, a Greenpeace campaign featured at the 2014 Sustainable Brands conference in London, raised a few eyebrows.
October 21, 2014
Consumer trust in brands are at an all-time low. To stand out from the noise and nurture brand love, marketers need to develop smart advocacy strategies.
September 16, 2014
"If advocacy means genuinely believing in and supporting a brand (via social sharing, WOM, etc.), what brands would you consider yourself an advocate of? Why do you advocate for these brands?" See what Hessie Jones, CEO of ArCompany, has to say about this and other questions.
September 05, 2014
Possibly no trend has captured the attention of marketers more than the opportunity to tap into the emerging group of Citizen Influencers. Branderati’s CMO Ekaterina Walter was kind enough to provide a State of the Union assessment on influence marketing.
September 03, 2014
Sprinklr, the leading independent end-to-end social relationship infrastructure, announced the acquisition of Branderati, the industry’s foremost platform for advocacy and influencer marketing.
August 28, 2014
Advocacy allows Birkbeck, University of London, to keep existing students, alumni and business connections engaged with every member of the wider university community. Birkbeck's largest source of students is recommendations from alumni, and advocacy is a critical part of its marketing activity.
August 22, 2014
This is the second post in Crowdly's “Leaders in Advocate Marketing” series, which helps brands understand the word of mouth landscape and how to drive the best results across social, email and all customer engagement channels. This week, Erik Qualman discusses which brands are getting advocate marketing right, and how advocacy is a crucial part of brand marketing.