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February 05, 2016
Most app developers have high hopes for their creations. Independent app developers, in particular, often expect their app to receive thousands of downloads soon after its release. And why wouldn’t they? If their idea is good enough, surely people are going to rush to download it?
January 12, 2016
New social messaging app Peach has gained a heap of attention on launch - but will it be able to sustain that popularity and become a serious player, or will other apps take their best features and re-purpose them for their own users?
'Peach' is the Word - But Will the Latest Cool App Stick? | Social Media Today
December 23, 2015
Reported in multiple sources from a story originally broken by the Wall Street Journal comes the news that Google is developing its own messaging app that would be assisted by its own artificial intelligence technology and chatbot capabilities.
google messaging
December 04, 2015
Via the Inside AdWords blog comes news of two new types of interactive ads from Google. The first, Trial Run Ads, will allow users to test out apps for 60 seconds before actually purchasing and downloading them.
December 02, 2015
LinkedIn has unveiled its re-vamped flagship app , re-imagining the LinkedIn mobile experience and presenting your LinkedIn content in a new, Facebook-like format that’ll likely hold much appeal to many users. And while the new app is an advance, it could've delivered more.
LinkedIn Unveils Re-Vamped Mobile App, Upgraded Features | Social Media Today
November 25, 2015
Quotle enables users to share quotes from books - like an Instagram for readers. In this post, Brad Friedman breaks down how the app works and what it adds to the social media space.
Why Quotle Could be the Next Instagram (If You Love Reading) | Social Media Today
November 24, 2015
We all use apps that request all kinds of access to you and your information for their use. The most recent evidence of this phenomenon is an online quiz from VonVon called “What Are Your Most Used Words on Facebook.” But the quiz is a black pit of privacy concerns, and we're jumping right in.
November 19, 2015
Everyone knows what Tinder is - they've either used the application themselves or they know someone who uses it. But there's a stigma that comes with using the app and that can cloud your experience. Here are some tips to help maximize your Tinder use.
November 13, 2015
Snapchat today gave users the ability to purchase pre-run 'Lenses' for $0.99 each, a move which angered some users. But rather than shy away from the criticism, Snapchat, in their own unique style, embraced it.
Snapchat Adds New Monetization Option, Frustrates Users, Re-Tweets Their Angry Messages | Social Media Today
October 28, 2015
Snapchat has added new tools, enabling users to show videos in fast speed, reverse or slow motion. It's the latest in their efforts to maintain fun and interaction on the platform, something Snapchat excels at - but will it be enough to justify the platform's $16 billion valuation?
Snapchat Adds Three New Tools and a Whole Heap of New Content Opportunities | Social Media Today