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February 28, 2017
Facebook has released a new report which underlines the strength of Lookalike Audiences on the platform.
Facebook Releases New Report into Effective Automotive Marketing on the Platform | Social Media Today
December 06, 2016
Many people confuse personas with demographics - and there's an important distinction between the two.
What's the Difference Between Buyer Personas and Demographics? | Social Media Today
September 05, 2016
Using the array of data tools available, you can refine your audience down to very specific subsets.
Hone In On Your Audience With These 3 Free Tools | Social Media Today
July 06, 2016
A new report has shown that Snapchat is seeing significant growth amongst users aged over 35 - will it lose it's "cool" appeal as a result?
Beware Snapchat – The Olds Are Coming | Social Media Today
December 05, 2015
The more data you have about your audience before sharing content, the better you can tailor that content to engage and drive action - here are ten tools to help research your target audience.
Get To Know Your Audience Using Social Media - 10 Tools to Help | Social Media Today
September 29, 2015
A new study conducted by Ipsos has examined the social media habits of Millennials ins specific detail, finding that Facebook is the most used network, while all others are well behind in terms of take up and regular use.
Millennials Are All on Snapchat and Instagram, Right? Maybe Not [Study] | Social Media Today
May 08, 2015
Over the past few years, direct response has overtaken branding to become the dominant objective of online advertisers — and the percentage continues to climb. What does this mean for social media marketers in 2015? Now more than ever, the ability to drive user acquisition and boost customer retention is key to business growth — and being able to point to data-supported results is crucial; not just for marketers themselves, but for the social media networks that host ads. Major players like Facebook and Twitter have been paying close attention to what brands need and ask for, adapting features and ad units to fit marketing demand.
Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences are a marketer's one-two punch.
February 28, 2015
The classic Buddhist koan comes to mind: If a tree crashes down in the middle of a forest and there is no one around to witness it, does it make a sound? In the same way, if you blog but no one reads your blog, is it blog marketing? You could argue, of course, that you are going through the motions of blog marketing and so you must be engaged in blog marketing.
Social media marketing
October 27, 2014
Marketing in the modern world is more complicated than ever. Competition is fierce, and every potential consumer is being pulled in a thousand different directions through every marketing medium available. So how do you make your campaigns more effective?
October 24, 2014
Many businesses and brands are losing out on an opportunity for conversation by harnessing the people who raise their hands with visits to the company website. Facebook now allows for simple remarketing, by serving ads to custom audiences based on the content they consumed on the site. Here are 3 simple steps to understanding the process and start driving higher ROI.