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b2b marketing

February 09, 2015
Over half of all marketers report to having responsibilities in 7 out of 10 other areas of marketing. Our time and resource is a precious commodity and we can’t wear every hat in the marketing box (although we definitely try!).
February 06, 2015
Should your brand pipe up on social media during a holiday? Sometimes, it's better to stay quiet.
January 06, 2015
Looking to increase your brand's overall visibility? Customer service is one of the most overlooked tactics for getting your name out to the masses.
December 04, 2014
This post dives into 6 key learnings developed after spending more than $50,000 on LinkedIn advertising from CPC changes for the last 6 months to mobile.
October 30, 2014
Inspiration is the voice that drives change and radically destroys apathy. When people are inspired by your brand, there will be a literal behavioral shift followed by a change in an aspect of their life to conform to the idea that you have inspired them with.
September 25, 2014
If you’re making any of these LinkedIn mistakes, stop yourself before you alienate your prospects. Social selling is great for top-of-the-funnel engagements, but only if done correctly!
September 16, 2014
Customers today are in a much better position to get better and more in-depth information before they buy a product. And that is what they do, not just as consumers. Around 60% of the traditional sales process in B2B sales has simply disappeared.
September 06, 2014
I read an interesting tweet from Moira Geary, who gave herself the moniker of “Recombobulator.” While I had actually heard of this term previously, I was not sure of its exact meaning.
August 07, 2014
"Cus­tomer" is no longer a good enough word to describe the many indi­vid­u­als in rela­tion­ship with a brand. We’ve called them fans and audi­ences, col­lab­o­ra­tors and par­tic­i­pants, vis­i­tors and users, try­ing to capture the nature of cus­tomer inter­ac­tions in the dig­i­tal age. But a sin­gle word may never be enough, because touch points and oppor­tu­ni­ties for engage­ment keep mul­ti­ply­ing. The once lin­ear sales fun­nel is now an evolv­ing, cir­cu­lar process with active and informed men and women enter­ing through var­i­ous channels.
July 24, 2014
According to a recent SiriusDecisions survey, only 16% of B2B companies use marketing automation, and many companies using some form of automation focus their efforts on less advanced areas, like email marketing and landing pages. Atri Chatterjee, CMO for marketing automation platform provider Act-On, discusses the changing landscape of marketing and what's driving the accelerated adoption of marketing automation tools, and who is leading the charge for a more analytical approach to customer engagement taking place today.
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