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March 19, 2014
This video has led to some pretty amazing results: was the #1 referrer to the day after the video launched, and has led to a sustained 40% increase in traffic over the past week. I myself did a little social listening to see what folks were saying, and here are the results.
October 17, 2012
The Presidential race is running neck-in-neck with the race between pundits and pollsters. Having already sliced the demographic pie thin, the pollster/pundits are serving up another demographic slice of the electoral pie: the Blue Collar Waitress.
February 02, 2012
How President Obama's digital media effort can influence CEO social media strategy in all sectors. Written by Alex Nicholson, director of new media at Cone Communications, a Boston-based public relations and marketing agency, and former social media strategist for USA TODAY.
May 09, 2009
I was on linkedin today going through a few things when I saw this: I actually had no idea that Obama was on linkedin so naturally I invited him to join my network and clicked on his profile to see if it was really him, and it appears it is. I'm not sure how many of you knew that Obama was on...