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March 20, 2015
How much will it cost you to get the top spot in the most competitive keyword auctions in Bing Ads – and just what are those keywords, anyway? Wicked talented WordStream data scientist Mark Irvine helped us analyze a sample of over 10 million English keywords in the Bing Keyword Tool and we're releasing the results today in this infographic.
July 14, 2013
In an effort to give you the most control over your site, Bing recently announced changes to the Deep Links management feature of Bing Webmaster Tools (known as Sitelinks when working with Google).
May 07, 2013
For some reason, those behind Bing simply aren’t talked about as much as Matt Cutts. Google might control more of the search market (a lot more, controlling 67 percent of the market), but that doesn’t mean that Bing isn’t important.
April 17, 2013
It has been a little over two months since Google introduced its new enhanced campaigns. Not everyone is on board with the updates, which then begs the question: Why do some people disagree with the new Google enhanced campaigns, and are the Bing changes any better?
March 29, 2013
Klout is taking a huge step to make its influence score more meaningful by announcing Bing and Instagram data has been added to its analytics. Klout announced a partnership with Bing last Fall, and today this relationship has come to full fruition as Bing data will be integrated into Klout's algorithm.
January 28, 2013
Facebook recently launched its much-hyped new functionality: Graph Search. Some say it will revolutionize search, hurt Google and kill Foursquare, among others. Not so fast!
January 25, 2013
A Russian study exposes surprising facts about Google's accuracy -- or lack thereof -- at detecting duplicate content over original content. And they're the number one search engine in the world!
December 12, 2012
Facebook's 1 billion years in review, Bing's new and improved social sidebar, religion finds Twitter, and more.
May 15, 2012
Microsoft Bing is revamping its search engine to include a sidebar to enable you to obtain recommendations from users of Facebook when making a search on Bing. It is not just Facebook but they are planning to include many other networks.
May 14, 2012
Last week Microsoft’s Bing launched the Sidebar that’s part of a major rehaul in order to integrate it with signed-in Facebook users. Should this move send Google back to the labs again?