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June 20, 2014
Even though social media is fully integrated into the global culture and economy, many leaders are still reluctant to put themselves and/or their organizations in a position where they may have to listen to and/or engage with various stakeholders via these public channels.
online community management
July 29, 2013
Many people starting a company blog are concerned about comments. Three things usually come up, and are easy to address. Ultimately, the most important thing is to keep posting well-written and relevant blog posts that will get people talking!
April 24, 2012
You can imagine how much commenting you need to do in order to drive a sizable traffic to your blog. You can say that you’ll just comment on 100 blogs and drive 100-500 visitors to your site. But imagine the amount of effort you need to put into blog commenting to get that kind of traffic for your site.
January 15, 2009
This sounds basic. But believe me, a lot of people don't do it or they do it incorrectly. If you do it right, it pays off. Want to see an example? Check out this article in Inc. Magazine on working with angel investors. One of the companies included is Chrometa . How'd they get there? A comment...
December 08, 2008
Take a look at the phrase “social media” - what would your response be if you were asked its literal meaning? The most obvious answer would be media that is social - whether that's participating in an online group, sharing your views on a topic or leaving a comment on a blog, offering your opinion...
October 24, 2008
I was having a corridor conversation with a colleague and the discussion centered around blogging. During the conversation he made a comment that struck a sensitive chord in me. He said “Nowadays everyone thinks or pretends to be a good blogger but if you go to their blogs, you will see zero...