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blogger outreach

April 29, 2015
While influencer marketing skyrockets in popularity, many marketers are left swimming in its murky waters, trying to figure out how to do blogger outreach, how to double up with engagement on social media, and how to track all of their efforts. Here’s how to combine blogger research, tracking, and social media engagement all at once.
February 05, 2015
I’ve seen the following scenario play out over and over again. Marketers make contact with a blogger who is seemingly enthusiastic about posting and working together. They send the blogger a free item but the blogger never posts. Where do you draw the line between being needy or pushy and following up tactfully to score an earned post?
November 18, 2014
According to a 2013 Technorati study, blogs are one of the most important online sources of purchase influence. In fact, they ranked third after retail and brand sites—well above online magazines and news sites.
June 22, 2014
There has been a lot of buzz around Microsoft’s blogger outreach fail and let’s face it, it could have happened to a number of different brands. Microsoft is just unfortunate in the fact that they are a big name and their fail got heavily promoted.
December 18, 2013
It’s my goal for everyone reading this post to never be called out publically on Twitter for composing a horrible pitch. The following “short stories” are stories I’ve gathered from both PR pros and bloggers telling me about their experiences with blogger outreach gone bad.
November 08, 2013
"Dear Socially Stephanie, I'm getting ready to open my new restaurant and I want to make sure that the opening gets a lot of buzz. Do you have any suggestions on how I can make a big splash with the locals and get the press excited to try my food? We have four weeks."
October 29, 2013
Though there is no industry standard on measuring blogger outreach, there are still many metrics at our fingertips that tell us whether or not our campaign was a flop or a success. And it all starts with defining a goal so we have something to measure.
July 18, 2013
Identifying important influencers before you start going through the slow, patience-requiring process of blogger relationship building is going to save you a lot of time. The last thing you want is watching all of that time spent commenting and re-sharing and looking for reciprocal action is not to pay out – your time is important, right?
May 01, 2010
I've long been an advocate of the power of blogging, but when you're posting three times a week — or even trying to muster up something original once a week — it can be hard to consistently create compelling content for your blog posts. We all have ‘off' days, times when the creative juices aren't...
August 14, 2009
This has been said in various forms by many before , but as I keep seeing bad examples in action, here you go: T he Very Basics of Blogger Outreach (Mallard Style!). This is based mostly on my own experiences doing outreach for clients as well as when I managed online influencer outreach efforts...