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building online communities

December 04, 2014
Long before social media networks emerged, companies had already realized the value and benefits of creating communities around their products and brands. And why not? When treated properly, these communities generate goodwill to the company’s customers and prospects.
September 16, 2014
Connection is important in a community. However, for it to exist, you must first generate trust. Trust arises from your community’s engagement. Unless you give rise to such engagement on the basis of the credibility you earn, there is no community. These are a few ways you can increase engagement of your online community.
July 25, 2014
Underneath the large, all-encompassing term of social media, there are two types or sub-categories: Social Networks and Online Communities. Both have their perks and common uses, but what really are they and who should be using them? Here’s the breakdown.
May 17, 2014
Not sure? What are you doing on line? Do you date, apply for a job, stay in touch with your friends and family, shop, bank, gossip, have arguments, vent? If you do, you are living an e-life. This convenient lifestyle comes with e-friends, e-customers, e-family and everything else that “e” has to offer.
October 03, 2008
234 examples, visualized. Created using A month ago, I published a list of social media marketing examples . At the time, the list started with 131 brands that were involved in social media to some extent. (Sometimes not by their own choice.) A month later, the list has added...
March 12, 2008
For the past year 18 months, I've been part of the Social Media Collective, a group of forward-thinkers sharing their thoughts, ideas, vision and observations on the rapidly evolving New Media and Social Media landscapes. The community is simply called, SocialMediaToday and it's a tremendous...