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February 14, 2015
Relationships are relationships, business or personal, and must be managed, treated with care, and supported by open, clear and honest communication.
February 06, 2015
Professionals in sales often ask me whether they should create separate business and personal social media accounts: They wonder whether or not their personal social media pages need to be hidden from their company, clients or prospects.
January 12, 2015
I have spoken a number of times about small innovation being a big key to success in a fast moving society. While that’s true, we can’t ignore the fact that innovation, small or big, is not easy to achieve. Especially with distractions galore, it’s easy for productivity to jump the track.
November 11, 2014
Did you know that using Google Plus for business is a good thing for you to do? Well, let’s take a moment now to look at 5 reasons why.
July 19, 2014
Napoleon Bonaparte said, “There are two levers for moving men: interest and fear.” These are indeed the two master motivators, and all others are subset of these behavioral drivers.
December 18, 2013
There are one or two pitfalls and bad habits to watch out for when beginning a social media campaign. Smaller businesses and startup campaigns are particularly vulnerable to a lot of these practices as they seek to get the ball rolling and get their social media campaigns off the ground.
November 04, 2013
Does your sales process have to drastically change to implement social selling? Not a chance. Social selling is making a few tweaks to your daily routine to align yourself with the new buyer’s behaviour. These tweaks will be like putting high-octane fuel in your race car.
November 04, 2013
Content marketing is cost-effective, and if you’re thinking about using content for marketing, you may confine your ambitions to blogging, and Facebook pages. While there’s nothing wrong with that, consider broadening your horizons, to info products.
November 02, 2013
Going into social media completely blind can be one of the worst things to do because not only will your overall social media campaigns fail, but you might end up hurting the image of your business. To help, here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind.
October 31, 2013
In the information age, operational efficiency is not a key competitive advantage; in fact, it is directly tied to rigidity and inability to adapt to change, which are a huge disadvantage in the new global, connected economy. Flexibility, agility and adaptability are the new competitive advantage.