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July 15, 2014
While social media started out as a way to connect with friends, colleagues and neighbors, it has transformed over the past few years into a marketing and sales goldmine for brands. But the automotive industry has struggled to find ways to use social media to generate auto sales. However, Kelley Blue Book launched the Seller’s Toolkit, a collaborative online platform that can help private parties sell used cars.
June 09, 2012
Traditionally teens and cars have gone hand-in-hand. But today's teens are far more interested in the internet and social media, and this leads to safety concerns as the auto industry tries to integrate social media into new cars.
March 04, 2011
GM wants to let you do your social networking while you drive with a new OnStar feature.
February 10, 2008
Lately I feel like you can't find any news about networks with less than 10 million users or with anything other than a general purpose. If the niched networks are thriving, they're not getting much media attention. I used to be convinced that the niched social networks would be so strong that they...