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December 30, 2015
Facebook is testing a new way to explore your News Feed on mobile with a customizable interface that lets you separate your feed into multiple categories based on selected interests and personal preferences.
April 21, 2015
Blog content is typically organized by publication date, categories and tags. The meaning of publication date is self-evident. Categories and tags, not so much. This post defines blog categories and tags. It recommends best practices for their implementation and use and draws a link between blog categories and tags and search engine optimization (SEO). That link will help you avoid unnecessary rework and grow your website traffic and rankings.
categories and tags
August 24, 2014
Blog categories and tags are the tools used to organize content for your readers, and you are going to have to make some decisions about them.
April 12, 2011
Wait! Don’t push that publish button without tagging! Properly manicuring and setting up your blog posts can help you win the race to the top of the Google search list. I know what you’re thinking: tags, categories, social bookmarks… it’s all a blur and can be confusing to figure out what should be a category and what should be a tag but hopefully this post will help.
May 09, 2008
How about a small discussion on the Categories in the SMT Operations and whether we need them all? Robin suggested today we add Sales, and another one - Marketing. This way their number grew to 12. Do we need all of them? I believe Technical Issues and Requests is an important one. But some of the...