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Tuesday, June 20th

cause related marketing

March 21, 2017
There are many benefits for nonprofits and purpose-driven organizations when they partner with for-profit companies. How might your organization reap those benefits?
November 16, 2016
This year, #GivingTuesday is on November 29. Are you ready?
September 03, 2014
Many brands out there are marketing for Back-to-School -- a shopper can often feel inundated. However, there are a handful of companies out there who are taking the opportunity to tie in a cause related marketing element to their Back-to-School campaigns. This is not only refreshing to see, but also a great asset in their communities.
January 15, 2010
The Red Cross has raised over $5m for the Haitian earthquake in the last 36 hours. Everybody's talking about and writing about it. If you want to manage your social customers and raise a bunch of money for Haiti too, here's how to do it. 1. Triple-Donation Model For New Customers, Past Customers...
December 04, 2009
It may have been easy to miss if you don't work in the world of corporate led cause related marketing, but Corporate Social Responsibility (or CSR) programs are in the midst of a crisis. The subject of the debate mainly centers around two big issues: brand value and authenticity. On the one hand,...
October 29, 2009
A funny thing happened on Twitter last night. David Armano and I got into a (light hearted and fun) discussion about the two of us being sexy bitches. (I know … silly, but bear with me here.) Somehow the notion of me shaving my goatee to raise money for a good cause came up. So, I've decided to...
October 14, 2009
Drew Olanoff is kicking cancer's sorry ass - again. Diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, he had already raised more than $20,000 to help the Lance Armstrong Livestrong Foundation fight cancer with his #BlameDrewsCancer Twitter campaign and Blame Cancer initiatives. Now Olanoff is auctioning off his...
September 30, 2009
The United Nations has designated the first Monday of October as World Habitat Day, and that's this Monday, October 5! This is your chance to do something really important. Shelter is among the most basic needs of people everywhere, and Habitat for Humanity is dedicated to meeting this challenge...
September 03, 2009
Une opération caritative basée sur une idée simple: The American Cancer Society estime que 194,280 personnes seront diagnostiquées du cancer du sein en 2009. Ils ont donc fixé comme objectif de lever autant de dollars pour aider la recherche et les soins. a été lancé par...
August 28, 2009
L'idée a l'air délirante : ” Rejoins Bob Sinclar pour envoyer un message de paix au monde entier Common Interest - Beliefs & Causes Description Bob Sinclar a décidé via son dernier album “Born in 69″ d'envoyer un message de paix au monde entier. Il t'invite à participer au tournage du 1er...