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citizen journalism

September 29, 2014
Citizen journalism has become much easier with widespread access to social media. But are social media sleuths helping to solve crimes, or are they simply butting in?
August 19, 2014
Social media coverage of the unfolding events in Ferguson, MO continues to shine a light on real-time, unfiltered news reporting from both professional and citizen journalists. There was a time when the defenders of professional journalism would denigrate the citizen journalist as lacking in ethics, objectivity and, sometimes, even veracity. But those criticisms have lost some credibility.
August 15, 2014
Unlike the Kent State Massacre of 1970, the world is watching the crisis in Ferguson as it unfolds via social media. This is the age of #citizenjournalism, where the police in Ferguson are being vined, tweeted, instagrammed, wall-posted and pinned under the great social media microscope.
May 01, 2013
Controlling how news is reported and disseminated is inextricably linked to power. That's why dictatorships have always censored or removed the free press and run state TV stations with a rod of iron. While much of the western world has moved on from that, media is often controlled by a certain group, making citizen journalism a vital part of the opening up of reporting to everyone.
July 05, 2012
Our study illustrates just how much all kinds of media -- from national newspapers to lifestyle titles and B2B media -- have embraced content such as infographics, videos and blogs to enhance their coverage.
June 28, 2012
Thanks to online news, we're getting more breaking news than ever before. And thanks to social media, we're getting news as it happens—sometimes even before news organizations have a chance to report it.
October 17, 2011
Blottr is one of the citizen journalism websites based in the UK. Most of the citizen journalists on the site are from the UK, but it does have international presence with bloggers or “Blottrers” from other countries. The citizen journalists collaborate and report on the news based on their own...
March 01, 2010
I've always been a big p romoter of citizen journalism . But I never imagined I'd have an opportunity like this --to work with someone at the 2010 Olympics . As we head into the last day of a social media enriched , much tweeted Olympics (1.1 million Facebook fans ) here's what I've learned working...
November 24, 2008
Helium.com is a web site devoted to citizen journalism. We had a chance to speak with its VP of development, Peter Newton, on Monday. Newton is a long-time Boston Globe executive who came to Helium about two years ago to help invent a new approach to journalism. The site has about 5,000 regular...
October 16, 2008
We all know about mining the online conversation and the value it has for individuals, institutions and enterprises trying to get a read on their online reputations. This increasingly vital PR function also provides an early-warning system for potential PR peccadilloes , as well as an opportunity...