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August 20, 2014
This summer Coke™ unveiled its Share a Coke™ campaign in the US. The results have been fantastic, though no official numbers have been released, yet. However, the sheer buzz around this campaign has been staggering.
December 19, 2013
As we all know, any retail brand that doesn’t get on board with holiday advertising is missing out. A lagging year of sales can be more than made up for within the last couple of months with a successful holiday campaign. Since the 1920s, The Coca-Cola Company has been doing just that.
August 24, 2013
Social forensics and listening practice aside, Coca-Cola has recently received a clear message of souring consumer tastes as sales of Diet Coke fell for the second consecutive year on the heels of a second quarterly drop in global sales. Reflecting a trend in consumer thirst and ideas about health, overall sales of diet sodas have fallen more than sales of beverages containing sugar.
December 07, 2011
Coca-Cola Portugal conducted social experiment last month in the city of Lisbon. They planted a wallet in a busy shopping center with a hidden camera. Sticking out of the wallet was a ticket to the biggest soccer match of the year--impossible to get! How many people took the ticket? Or the money in the wallet? The answer is 95% turned in the wallet--with the money and the ticket intact. The whole story is told in this three minute video, and in it's entirety it's a fun, feel good story totally aligned with Coke's brand values.
February 24, 2007
The above commercial for Coke Zero features an elderly man with his grandson drinking a Coke. Believing what he is drinking is the “same Coke” he has drank for years, the grandfather doesn't understand that this particular beverage is actually a new version of Coke. The grandson lets him go off on...