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October 14, 2015
One of the growing frustrations about the American political process is the ever-widening distance between our elected representatives and the people that vote them into office. Voting is incredibly important, but it can seem painfully insignificant before the much more vast influence that money has. But there might be a workaround for the average person trying to get a politician's attention: Social media.
social media representatives
July 11, 2015
According to a recent Neilsen study, the average American adult spends about 11 hours daily consuming digital media. That astounding figure not only covers traditional platforms (such as live television or radio) but also podcast, news aggregator sites and blogs. In order to stay relevant, companies must be willing to regularly share materials that fully attract and interest your customers - and while automation can make interacting with others a breeze - it's not a the definitive solution for every marketing scenario. Which is why actual engagement must remain a part of your marketing mix. Here’s a few rules to keep in mind.
Automation vs Engagement in a Human World | Social Media Today
April 11, 2015
We marketers like to speak a lot of trust. We discuss how we can build trust with our audience and ways we can earn trust, foster trust, and command trust for our brand. But we don’t talk much about the other side of that coin: Trusting our audience. It’s just as important as earning trust from our audience.
audience trust
April 05, 2015
According to the Google Trends data on infographics, their outstanding growth in search interest is obvious. The popularity of this phenomenon began to steadily increase in 2010 and has been continuing ever since. This kind of demand requires multiple players entering the game field to assure the corresponding level of supply. That’s why these small visual presentations are all around us no matter what we are looking for on the web.
infographics advantages
April 04, 2015
The year was 1996. I had just signed up for Hotmail – a free email service. I had recently been introduced to email – something I rarely used, but was increasingly relying on it, especially to communicate with friends who were far away. But Hotmail was amazing. It was free.
Rich communication
March 15, 2015
When someone decides to contact a company, they generally will figure that the contact page will be their best bet. Unfortunately, some contact pages are not so great at actually letting the user contact a real person in the company. Bizjournals just took a look at the contact challenge in Brandon Bruce’s post on 6 must-have elements for your website contact page.
contact dead end
January 17, 2015
Gamification has grown to the extent that it can sometimes be touted as a silver bullet for a host of workplace woes. Add a game element to a task purveyors say, and employees will instantly become engaged and productive. Except that isn’t quite the case.
December 07, 2014
One of the questions that many entrepreneurs ask me is: “should I start a blog?” Many say it with a bit of hesitancy. For those who don’t want to blog, my advice is simple, don’t. The days in which having a blog, any blog, could truly make a big difference to your bottom line are done.
November 26, 2014
Here is mind game successful bloggers play with each other. “If you had to start over right now, how would you do it?” So here is my answer, an amalgam of stuff that worked and stuff I learned from mistakes I learned along the way. If you are just building a blog from scratch, here are the foundational steps I would take to do it.
November 24, 2014
November 2014 marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The tearing down of the barrier separating West Germany from East Germany remains as one of the world’s most momentous events. The fall of the Berlin Wall continues to send out tremors touching many parts of the globe.