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community building strategy

March 19, 2017
In a new 'Social Business Engine' podcast, Bernie Borges speaks with Joe Cothrel, Chief Community Officer at Lithium Technologies
The Role of Online Communities in Digital Strategy [Podcast] | Social Media Today
February 14, 2017
Going the extra mile to reach out to your social media fans can have a significant impact on your brand-building and engagement efforts.
Building Brand Loyalty Through Surprise and Delight | Social Media Today
September 15, 2016
Community building is something that's built into our DNA, but a successful community requires a few key elements to thrive.
The Human Operating System Runs on Communities | Social Media Today
March 03, 2016
As a community manager, you've invested time and effort into making your community a valuable resource for your audience - but how can you transform a good community into a great one?
December 31, 2015
Do you understand what the true value of your network is, whether in terms of measurable or immeasurable results? In this post, Melonie Dodaro shares her incredible story of the value of social networks, and how businesses and individuals can use the power to their advantage.
LinkedIn Currency: Calculating The Value of Your Network | Social Media Today
December 23, 2015
At the foundation of business is people. At the core of people are hearts and minds that want to connect with other people, it’s in our DNA to want to connect with other human beings in a communal way. This same principle should be applied to your social media marketing efforts - your strategy should be defined by your reasons for building an online community in the first place.
8 Community Growth Goals to Help You Prioritize Social Networks and Technology Usage | Social Media Today
September 09, 2015
L’Oréal is one of the most well-known and recognizable brands in the world. Given the company’s huge presence, managing their social media channels must be an equally enormous task – I got the chance to speak with Emma Williamson, L’Oréal’s manager for Consumer Affairs and Social Media for the Australia and New Zealand region, to get some insights into how L’Oréal approaches social and social media engagement.
Big Brand Theory: L’Oréal Stays Connected with Their Audience via Social | Social Media Today
March 09, 2010
Are you treating social media like a checklist? A recent study by Econsultancy called “ The Value of Social Media ” shows that companies are overwhelmingly using the “Big 4″ of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Linkedin for their social media efforts. And while I don't have any issues with those...
March 06, 2010
Are you working on a new community with big time bells and whistles that caters to a niche that you just know has been waiting for a place to call home? If so, I encourage you to push ahead full steam. But, let me caution you first. Your new community, no matter how great will not change habits...