How Social is Your Customer Service?

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January 11, 2015
Over the last few years there have been an increasing number of attempts to use social network data to understand various things about the real world. For instance, only recently I wrote about a new project that is using Twitter data to try and underpin better urban policy making and planning.'s picture

How Marketing Can Power Engagement: Using Analytics to Deepen Customer Relationships

The foundation of any strong relationship is ongoing trust and good communication, including the connection between corporations and consumers. When companies focus on customer relationships, their goal must be mutually beneficial: satisfied clients who are happy to keep doing business with the brand. This win-win scenario only happens when they join forces.

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September 06, 2014
Thinking of your Content Marketing program with a Community Marketing hat on is a great way to craft a program that spurs engagement.
August 12, 2014
Scrolling is a strong sign of content interest and is another key indicator that publishers and advertisers should consider when planning content marketing and media strategies.
August 07, 2014
Tweet articles that you or others wrote and that will be of interest for potential followers: use relevant hashtags so your tweets are found. Retweet tweets posted by people you want as followers. Tweet at them directly when they write something that you found useful, give genuine compliment, but don't ask for a follow or retweet.
July 09, 2014
Is measuring likes, shares, comments, and retweets enough for your social media campaign? Marketers may be relying too heavily on vanity metrics instead of focusing on the entire conversion process.
July 09, 2014
Recently, I set out to attract more Google+ visitors. I did not do too well – in fact, I actually ended up making more headway on Instagram AND the elusive Facebook – but I thought my failures could serve as a lesson of what NOT to do when engaging on Google+. So here is a list of the top 7 mistakes for engaging on Google+, and what you can do instead.
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CMO Study

Spredfast partnered with The CMO Club to survey over 200 Fortune 500 CMOs from around the country. They were asked questions about their biggest priorities, their challenges for 2014, and the best ways to engage their audiences. What we found is sure to get the gears in your...
August 26, 2013
One of the lesser known but major benefits of Google Plus is that you can track the social engagement with any web article. While you can typically see on how many times an article has been tweeted or how many plus ones it has received, shares is a very crude metric.