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content creation

June 10, 2015
You have a blog, but you want to get the most out of it. Try adding or improving upon these 7 blog post elements to potentially see an increased blogging ROI.
7 Blog Content Must-Haves for Optimal Results | Social Media Today
June 08, 2015
There's no such thing as boring industries, only boring copywriting.
boring copywriting
June 07, 2015
We all know how important content is to SEO and marketing, but knowing what type of content to create can be confusing. Before we start creating content, we need to know the difference between the two main types: articles and blogs. This post will highlight the biggest differences between articles and blogs, and tell you why you need content.
Content is king
May 29, 2015
In February this year, New York-based DJ Thomas Rodriguez was told his dog, Poh, had a terminal condition. Rodriguez then took Poh on a seven week journey across America so he could see as much of the world as possible before his time came to an end. Poh's journey underlines the power of social media as a storytelling platform, and the importance of understanding the true strength of the medium - connection.
Poh the Dog and the Power of Social Media Storytelling | Social Media Today
May 20, 2015
A recent court ruling affirms the rights of content creators. But what does that mean in a live-streaming world?
Image Rights
April 04, 2015
I recently returned from Social Media Marketing World 2015, the largest social media marketing conference, which takes place in San Diego. Although I had my own speaking session this year on “how to build LinkedIn influence” at the conference, I really went back to school sitting in on a couple of terrific content marketing sessions.
content marketing ingredients
March 22, 2015
What is inbound marketing? As its name suggests, drawing customers into a business with helpful, entertaining, educational and – above all – high quality content that appears on the business website.
content and inbound marketing
March 20, 2015
Let’s imagine a company that produces a good deal of content. Jane is responsible for content management, and her boss keeps asking her to add paragraphs, add new pictures and links or insert rich media after the content is published. Again and again and again. And Jane has to fix the wrongs in every single content location and on every single platform. As a result, Jane never leaves work early, and that’s very wrong. Implementing reusable content would definitely change the situation.
March 09, 2015
Content means a lot of different things, but at its core, it is information. But what is content personalization and why does it matter?
January 26, 2015
There is a lot being said about having content on your site and in your advertising that is unique, creative, and focused. It’s enough to make a marketer want to crawl into a corner and hide on some days, am I right? It’s very difficult to continually come up with unique, creative, focused anything after a while.