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content marketing

April 30, 2017
Here's a simple process for identifying your audience's key news sources via Twitter data.
How to Locate Key Publications and Influencers via Twitter | Social Media Today
April 27, 2017
Guest-blogging can be a great way to build your personal brand - here's a step-by-step guide on how to get featured in relevant publications.
Influencer Growth For Beginners: How To Get Featured in Major Publications | Social Media Today
April 25, 2017
If we removed the word 'selling' from 'social selling', would it more accurately capture the social marketing process?
It Should Be Called 'Social Helping' Not 'Social Selling' | Social Media Today
April 20, 2017
Creating audience personas is a crucial task in your content process, but there are some common mistakes you need to avoid.
April 18, 2017
Are you making these common content marketing mistakes? Contributor Ross Simmonds outlines some key content lessons.
11 Reasons Your Content Marketing Strategy Is Bleeding Money (And How To Stop It) | Social Media Today
April 17, 2017
What can you learn from your competitors to improve your businesses' content strategy? Here are some tips on what to watch for.
6 Things You Should Steal From Your Competitors’ Content Marketing
April 13, 2017
Lead magnets are a great way to generate more leads. Contributor Bob Carver provides some tips on the essentials of great lead magnets.
How to Create Lead Magnets that Win Clicks and Influence Customers
April 10, 2017
In a new 'Social Business Engine' podcast, Bernie Borges speaks with Jon Wuebben, CEO of Content Launch.
Future Marketing: Winning in the Prosumer Age [Podcast] | Social Media Today
April 09, 2017
Interactive content can deliver great results - here are some of the potential benefits.
Interactive vs. Static Content: What is the Competitive Advantage?
April 08, 2017
Facebook adding come new direct connection CTAs to Instant Articles to boost publisher appeal.
Facebook Adding New Direct-Connection Options for Instant Articles Publishers | Social Media Today