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content strategy

May 08, 2015
While most people immediately think of monetary rewards when considering incentives, the effect of recognition on employee well-being should not be ignored. When you let people know that you appreciate the hard work they do for you, it reinforces that working hard for you is worth it.
January 10, 2015
I am not a advocate of “Day 1 Selling” or even offering a product 6 months from now. A content marketing strategy requires time to earn the trust needed to build a profitable business. By all means, factor in 6-12 months of promotion free audience building. You will see better results if you do.
November 26, 2014
There are two critical steps to creating a content strategy that helps your brand get noticed and converts: developing buyer personas AND determining what questions they will ask at each stage of the sales cycle.
October 05, 2014
It's terrifyingly easy to let your work consume your life when you're a social media manager. But with all of the tools at our disposal, there is no excuse for a social media manager's work to take over his or her life. Here are the top five reasons why social media managers often tip the work/life scale towards work, including a few commonly cited as arguments against advance scheduling.
September 14, 2014
One of the most interesting things about setting content strategy, to my mind, is this: good brand development and good content marketing go hand-in-hand.
July 28, 2014
Facebook users are keenly aware of the fact that by engaging with your content, they are communicating something to their friends. As a page manager, your job is to create content that helps your target audience express themselves. So each time you sit down to create a post, ask yourself these two questions.
July 16, 2014
Whether you're using banner ads on your own website or blog to promote your products, or you buy banner ad space on other sites and blogs, the unbranded banner can be a very effective tool. By creating a banner that has an enticing message about the product you're promoting, but doesn't actually mention it by name, you're creating curiosity in the mind of the visitor. They'll click on the banner just to see where it leads.
June 18, 2014
Jump in the pool of current events to make your written content relevant and engaging for your readers. The "holiday season" refers to the autumn to winter stretch of American holidays for a reason. After you get past this time of year, holidays are few and far in between. Case in point: summer.
June 09, 2014
You’re probably thinking your content strategy is pretty awesome, and by now you published some incredible content. Lots of people should stop by, right? Yes, they should - but the reality is many people only go to select sites and never stray far from their corner of the Internet. Here's how inbound marketing can help.
June 07, 2014
We all know that content is important, and understand why. But if you’re a business owner that’s just begun exploring content development as a way of reaching customers, getting started with the process is tricky. Here are three key questions you can use to map out your business content strategy.