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content strategy

November 10, 2015
Taco Bell's latest social media campaign looks to capitalize on the rising emoji trend, though in a different way to everyone else, providing some interesting food for thought for marketers.
Taco Bell’s New Campaign Highlights the Opportunities in Social Marketing Creativity | Social Media Today
November 06, 2015
Brands looking to develop a content marketing strategy should c onsider creating a marketing content hub and populating it regularly not only with blog posts or homegrown content, but with curated , user generated, co-created and various types of media your prospects find relevant and useful. Barry Feldman shares some tips in this post.
Content Marketing Turns Most into Toast | Social Media Today
October 31, 2015
A big part of online success is making your content easy for audiences to read. A pply the fundamentals noted in this infographic to create more readable, shareable content.
10 Fundamentals Of Readable Content [Infographic] | Social Media Today
October 20, 2015
It's no secret that content marketing done well can yield huge spikes in traffic, thousands of social share, and a legion of new followers. But beyond one-off campaign results, how can the sum of content marketing efforts impact your bottom line over time?”
How Content Marketing Works For Your Bottom Line [Infographic] | Social Media Today
October 17, 2015
By now, most social marketers probably feel pretty adept at giving advice about what works on social media and what doesn’t. But with social media now being bombarded with fresh content every second, it’s no longer enough to just understand what works - it’s essential you understand how to utilize those learnings in order to stand out from the crowd, knowing exactly what content will be shared by your target audience.
5 Ways to Make Social Media Work for You | Social Media Today
September 12, 2015
What is 'evergreen' marketing and why is it important? In a new episode of The Social Zoom Factor podcast, Pam Moore looks at the principles of evergreen content, and how to use it to win business.
Evergreen Content Marketing in a Nutshell + 15 Types of Evergreen Content | Social Media Today
September 10, 2015
W ould you like to build authority, establish trust, increase brand awareness and grow your business results? If you answer yes to any of these questions and you haven’t ever considered guest blogging or content syndication then you should definitely read this blog post and listen to the 166th episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast.
10 Tips to Maximize Business Results with Guest Blogging and Content Syndication | Social Media Today
September 10, 2015
One of the most common post types you see when looking through social media pages – especially wh en looki ng through small business pages and people starting out in social – is inspirational quote posts.But are they effective, and should you use them?
Should You Use Inspirational Quote Posts in Your Social Media Marketing Efforts? | Social Media Today
August 20, 2015
​ Everyone in social media and the wider digital marketing realm knows that content is crucial. But as more and more players move into the content marketing space, so too does that space get crowded, increasing the competition for attention and making it harder for each individual piece of content to stand out. So how do you make your branded material rise above and grab attention? LinkedIn has an answer.
LinkedIn Rocks Content Power Chords with New Content Strategy Guide | Social Media Today
July 31, 2015
While the emphasis of the marketing world is increasingly focused on social media channels, tried and true outreach methods like newsletters can still be very effective. In this post, Chris Syme looks at how one company maximizes attention with their newsletter strategy.
How a Good Newsletter Will Keep Your Customers Coming Back | Social Media Today