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July 07, 2016
Holding a contest is one of the most effective ways to grow your audience fast on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Here are seven tips on running an effective contest promotion.
7 Lessons We’ve Learned From Running 31,307 Social Media Contests | Social Media Today
November 01, 2013
When Facebook updated their promotion guidelines this past August, they casually removed the rule that stated brands could not contact promotion winners on Facebook via status updates, private messages, chat, etc. This rule was kind of a hassle, especially for businesses with multiple promotion winners to notify.
April 09, 2013
The success of your contest relies on how many targeted individuals enter. While the contest market is heavily saturated, the response you will get is related to the prize you giveaway (the better the prize, the more entries) and how well you promote it. Just as I focus a lot of energy on blog promotion, contest promotion should be taken just as serious.
February 03, 2013
In Diet Coca-Cola’s #ShowYourHeart contests, the company wanted users to show they care about heart month and everything that comes with it. Users were asked to share photos related to the cause that were inspiring, sentimental, and depicting something in the shape of a heart.
April 25, 2011
It's an online social contest for naming airplanes. Got any good ideas? Do you have talent for good brand names? Just want to play? Here's the invitation.
October 24, 2010
Last week, on the back of PR Week's announcement of 2010's top 29 PR pros under the age of 29 , I popped a short note out to my networks to see if there was any interest in staging a Twitter equivalent. It became obvious quite quickly that there was a thirst to recognise the young guns who are...
December 03, 2007
Been holding back on this one until they had everything in place and then thought this morning that I would be out of luck in attending as my trip to Walldorf just changed to the beginning of the week, well I am lucky I guess as they changed as well! SAP product managers and software architects are...