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cross channel marketing

January 15, 2015
A checklist for maintaining tone and manner across marketing channels. A brand is a personality. A personality speaks with a recognisable tone of voice. Ideally, a voice recognised everywhere no matter what media you choose.
August 26, 2014
The BTS shopping ritual itself has been transformed by digital and shifting trends in consumer shopping behavior. Based on data from the National Retail Federation, 25% of back to school shoppers are expected to hold off until 1-2 weeks before school starts. Budget-conscious family shopping behavior is also reflected in the NRF’s data, which shows a 20% increase in delayed shopping over last year.
August 10, 2014
Cross-channel sales, also known as web-influenced sales, are purchases that are touched by a digital channel but are not completed online. According to US data from Forrester, cross-channel sales are becoming increasingly important and are worth four times more in total than online sales alone. In fact, the analyst estimates that cross-channel sales will reach $1.8 trillion by 2018.
April 10, 2012
Email marketing is an important part of any businesses marketing mix, but the key to achieving the desired success lies in list segmentation, analytics, and cross channel integration. Are you doing it right?
October 20, 2011
It’s important to remember in social media marketing that the process isn’t over just because someone saw your ad or liked your page. Yes, consistent engagement of a fan base is the key to any successful online branding these days, but social media can be utilized to reach past your existing followers and bring in new ones. Word of mouth has become word of mouse. Don’t just engage with your customers, leverage them and their influence over their social networks. It’s possible to utilize these tactics to grow a customer database, you just need the right tools for the job.