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customer advocacy

February 04, 2017
Letting your customers promote your brand or product for you can have a fantastic impact on your reputation and your sales revenue.
3 Reasons to Let Customers Tell Your Story - Customer Advocates
July 19, 2016
Testimonials can be a powerful way to drive business for your brand. Here are five examples of testimonials in action, and five steps to help put your own testimonial program into effect.
5 Steps to Start Harnessing the Power of Testimonials | Social Media Today
April 27, 2015
One of the benefits of social media that marketers love to highlight is that you can respond almost instantaneously to complaints and queries from your customers. You don’t even need to address the concern right there and then, you simply need to assure your customer that you hear them and that you are looking into it, and that she will hear from you soon, and you thank her for the valuable feedback because we value what she has to say. And that is a benefit that the customer enjoys, right? Instant response.
Customer Problem Resolution
December 21, 2014
I had a fascinating conversation with Gerald Vanderpuye today. He was working a huge deal, and he shared what many of us would think as the Nightmare To End All Nightmares.
December 08, 2014
Are you, like many others, trying to become more “customer centric”? If you look inside many corporate boardrooms these days, aside from stressing about next year’s budgets, the C-suite probably has a combination of words or phrases in or near the top priorities for the next year.
November 12, 2014
The solution to your social media challenges may already be on your payroll. The problem is, you might find that your solution will take a team instead of an individual.
October 21, 2014
Consumer trust in brands are at an all-time low. To stand out from the noise and nurture brand love, marketers need to develop smart advocacy strategies.'s picture

Advocate Marketing Decoded: 5 Proven Steps to Powering Advocates in Retail

As little as 135 advocates will create more engagement and awareness than one million fans, which is why innovative companies like Save-A-Lot are powering their advocates to create and share brand content on social media. By activating customer advocates, brands can not only drive awareness and engagement online, but also drive in-store traffic.

July 07, 2014
New customers have a tendency to evolve through three phases once they decide to buy from you. Initially they feel very excited about their decision, before going through a learning curve where they may struggle with blending in your products/services. Finally, they begin to experience the value that you provide and the relationship settles down and finds its own balance.