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customer engagement

September 08, 2015
What constitutes success in digital engagement with pharmaceutical companies might be very different from what you think. Here Paul Tunnah explores customer engagement, metrics,'s picture

Cultivating Creative Thinking for Customer Engagement

The following is a podcast for "Cultivating Creative Thinking for Customer Engagement." This webinar originally aired on July 28, 2015. Listen to the audio recording and follow along with the slides to learn more: 

April 12, 2015
I admit I searched this title online to see what would come up, and didn’t find anyone who agreed with me on the first page. Does that mean my idea of the biggest marketing mistake is wrong? Not necessarily. Many of the ‘biggest marketing mistakes that show up on search could fit into this category because the biggest marketing mistake you can make is this: Failure to provide what is promised.
marketing mistake
April 05, 2015
In order to leverage social media to fill your sales funnel, you’ll need to invest in a tool that will help your business filter content and target influencers and prospective customers. Many small businesses are using social media to build awareness about their services, but you can go much further and target and engage prospective customers.
lead generation
March 23, 2015
Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a simple way to increase your sales value per purchase and make your customers happier at the same time? Sounds impossible, right? Well guess what, it’s not! All you need is to start a balanced upselling and cross-selling program.
How to Use Upselling to Make Your Customers Happy
March 16, 2015
In today's on-demand world, consumers expect immediate and effective service when reaching out online. Brands like Zappos, XBox and Delta offer dedicated support channels to provide assistance 24/7. But, what if you’re not a big brand with fat pockets?
social customer service program
March 09, 2015
Do you have a website? Do you think it “works”? And what does “work” look like for your business? Enquiries, sales, awareness? Whatever your objective, your website is the 24 hour shop front for your business. And the beauty of that is; it’s always open.
March 08, 2015
It is a burgeoning reality that businesses need to work faster, better and with greater agility. Big businesses are, for the most part, undergoing a necessary transformation. As part of the “agile” spirit, big companies are needing not only to work in a more entrepreneurial fashion; more often than not, they must work with smaller companies and/or younger entrepreneurs in order to inject the new ideas and talent into their own eco-system.
vendor mindset and business
March 07, 2015
April 9, 2015 will be the first annual International Conversion Rate Optimization Day. April 9 is also my 45th birthday. I’ve invested almost half my life evangelizing for conversion rate optimization (CRO). I should be thrilled but instead I find myself asking: is CRO, as it is practiced today, a dead end?
conversion rate optimization value