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customer experience

March 28, 2017
Customer experience was a key theme that permeated throughout Social Media Marketing World 2017.
8 Things I Learned About Marketing from Social Media Marketing World | Social Media Today
January 05, 2017
Customer experience is becoming a bigger focus for all brands. Here are some tips to improve your brand's efforts on this front.
How to create a consistent customer experience across channels
January 18, 2016
New year, same problems, similar trends. The problem for business to business (b2b) marketers consistently is demand generation and each year, businesses take the time to build on what they have been previously working with.
December 18, 2015
Customer experience bar-none is going to be one of the biggest buzzwords we hear in 2016 - and for good reason. In this post, Julio Viskovich outlines why all brands need to be considering customer experience, and how social can play a part in that process, in 2016.
November 02, 2015
A common belief is that people hate advertising. They hate how they are saturated with advertising everywhere they go. They hate how it interrupts their TV shows, their radio, even their social media streams. But what if it wasn't that people hated advertising, thy were just a bit picky about it?
preferred promos
October 20, 2015
Imagine you’re scrolling through your Twitter feed the weekend before a big game, and you come across a tweet from a sporting goods company allowing you to buy your favorite player’s jersey at a special, discounted price. You click the “buy” button, enter your info, and you’re done. No switching apps. No re-entering credit card and shipping info. You purchase the item and get back to catching up on the latest @birchbox tutorial.
September 11, 2015
By using design thinking and customer journey mapping, brands can reboot their customer experience.
Redesigning User Experience Through Customer Journey Mapping | Social Media Today
June 16, 2015
The air conditioning was icy, but the atmosphere in the conference room was warm and congenial as Dan Gingiss delivered his excellent presentation on “How Social Media Impacts Customer Experience (and Vice Versa!)” at the Social Shake-Up on June 10, in Atlanta. As Head of Digital Customer Experience and Social Care at Discover, Dan was uniquely qualified to speak about how social and customer care can come together seamlessly to provide concrete value for brands and consumers alike.
April 28, 2015
Are you lost when it comes to customer experience? If so, what you need is a good customer journey map. Here's how you can learn to build one for yourself.
customer journey map
April 24, 2015
In this series of profiles, we'll be putting the spotlight on some of the wonderful speakers who will be featured at The Social Shake-Up this June. Today we hear from Dan Gingiss, the Head of Digital Customer Experience and Social Care at Discover Financial Services.