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customer loyalty

February 27, 2015
Target, the discount retailer well-known for its low-lower-lowest pricing strategies and low-lower-lowest same-store sales, has instituted a 50% cut to its minimum online purchases for customers to qualify for free shipping. Now all consumers have to do is spend $25 to qualify for Target’s free shipping, although handling fees may still apply.
January 20, 2015
Chances are good that you have a brand presence in social media. Maybe you’re not in every network, but you’re probably active on Facebook, Twitter or LinlkedIn. But let’s face it: not every company is capable of doing social media right, and there is no guarantee that your ROI will be high enough to keep a high level of activity going. If you’re wondering whether something out there could successfully replace your branded social media accounts, take a look at Taco Bell’s example
December 29, 2014
Whether you own a bricks-and-mortar store, online business or a Fortune 500 company, whether you offer products, services or experiences, you know that customers are the ones that determine whether a business thrives or fails.
December 25, 2014
You’re an online business, so it makes sense to be using technology to help drive more sales, and grow your brand. There is a problem with technology though. There is way too much choice. It’s almost like being a kid in a candy (ecommerce) store.
November 13, 2014
For over fifty years, Mary Kay, Inc. has been empowering women around the world to make a difference in their community, conveying this message with an over three million-strong corps of Independent Beauty Consultants. This decentralized business model poses unique challenges for Mary Kay, Inc. CMO Sheryl Adkins-Green, who has to create marketing plans that appeal not just to Mary Kay customers, but also to the people who sell Mary Kay products.
CMO of the week
October 08, 2014
With the vast amounts of data about your customers available to you thanks to today’s technology, and the multiple ways of reaching out to them, there’s no excuse any more for not going that extra mile. Let’s take a look at how technology, cutting-edge customer feedback and just plain old attitude shape some of the most innovative approaches to customer loyalty around today.
August 07, 2014
We can sometimes think that delivering "service with a smile" or never making a mistake constitutes great customer service and builds customer loyalty, but it is so much more than either of these. In fact, making mistakes and fixing them promptly and with a great attitude can strengthen customer loyalty! Delivering "service with a smile" and a bad attitude, that so easily creeps through in a number of ways, can completely undermine customer loyalty.
February 25, 2013
Consumers are people, people. Get it? In general they want the best deal, period. Now juxtapose that thinking over a failing or still-recovering economy, depending on who you speak to, and price just becomes all that more important in the pecking order.
February 20, 2013
How many reward cards do you have in your wallet? Every restaurant and coffee shop has one. Most retailers have jumped on the reward points band wagon in some form. Why not use the power of social media and reward cards to kick start your brand advocates?
January 24, 2013
We've said goodbye to broadcasts, mass emails and blanket messaging and hello to shares, retweets and +1s. Today, if you really want to succeed in infiltrating the social masses, you’ve got to think small. Individual. Personal. And the only way to do that is to be a person. Not a brand.