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data analysis

December 03, 2015
Do you ever feel like your message gets lost in translation? You're not alone. I once tried to explain transmedia storytelling to my brother-in-law and his head started to spin. Not literally of course, but his ultimate response was, "Bree, you sound like a nuclear scientist." Stories are the anchor we use to keep people from drifting away and it's a proven technique that comes with great benefits.
November 25, 2015
Throughout the evolution of social media as marketing medium there’s been one question that’s persisted through all the updates and iterations and stats. That question? What’s the ROI of social? And now we're seeing the next evolution on this front, with more digital platforms providing tools to better link online marketing with offline results.
Google Reveals Black Friday In-Store Traffic Data to Help Better Focus Online Ads [Infographic] | Social Media Today
October 20, 2015
One of the aspects that’s most exciting about the evolution of social media marketing is the shift towards more responsive and intelligent campaigns based on data and audience insights. But while most now understand there's a heap more data available, not many know how to locate the signals and utilize them to best effect - here are some tips.
Using Social Media Data for Targeting – How to Locate and Action Real Audience Insights | Social Media Today
September 21, 2015
At the Disrupt Hackathon over the weekend, programmer Allison Nelson debuted Hack My Mood , a tool that analyzes a person’s tweets and maps their mood against external factors like weather.
September 02, 2015
When the very techniques you use to brand yourself are part of the online discussion and the audience you market to is part of the conversation, branding becomes harder to pull off successfully. Trust becomes harder to develop. Reach becomes more difficult to achieve. The tricks of the trade that used to be employed are now common knowledge.
August 10, 2015
A good social listening tool should be able to help you out of the weeds - to help you sort the data at hand and give you meaningful insights into what’s working and what’s not.
social listening tools
July 22, 2015
​Are you confused by which social media metrics you need to check regularly? A track and field star needs to measure how long it takes them to complete a track in order to be able to improve upon it - otherwise, how do they know if they’re getting any better?Social media is the same way. We do our best and run the distance but then we need to take a step back and analyze what happened so we can plan for success.
5 Social Media Metrics You Must Check Regularly To Grow | Social Media Today
July 17, 2015
While social media is vital for delivering stellar marketing and customer service, extracting industry and customer insights is often limited to brand reputation and user sentiment assessment. Until now, identifying intent from human-created data - such as social networks, blogs, news articles and discussions - has required hire a bunch of data scientists to write queries for you full time.
July 17, 2015
Which designers received the most social media attention from Haute Couture Fashion Week 2015 in Paris and Rome? Candida McCollam looks at the numbers and trends in the fashion world.
Haute Couture - When Birds Of A Feather Don’t Flock Together | Social Media Today
June 30, 2015
Last Friday, the US Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples would have the right to marry in all US states, an historic event and a major win for gay rights activists. To help users celebrate the announcement , Facebook unveiled a n ew option , enabling users to overlay their profile images with the rainbow flag, a s ymbol for the Pride movement. But is this feature being used for research purposes by Zuckerberg and Co.?
Is Facebook Tracking Data on Users Who Use the Rainbow Profile Image Filter? | Social Media Today