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data breach

January 11, 2017
Online security should be a huge concern for any businesses. Here are some key tips on maximizing your protection.
June 02, 2016
Following the recent LinkedIn data hack, account details from MySpace and Tumblr have now gone on sale on the black market - which may be more relevant than you'd think.
May 27, 2016
When dealing with a data breach or similar crisis, it's important your brand adheres to an established communications plan. Here are some tips.
Digital Crisis Communications
March 11, 2016
Cyber security is one of the most serious threats of our time. In this post, Natascha Thomson interviews cyber security expert Joseph Schramm to get his thoughts on security, risk and how to best manage online threats.
Why Brand Reputation and Cyber Security Go Hand-in-Hand | Social Media Today
September 17, 2015
In the wake of high-profile hacks that have placed customer data at risk, we take a look into how businesses can better safeguard sensitive information.
September 01, 2015
A 2014 report that surveyed companies about cyber security found that there is a gap between data breach perception and reality, “specifically regarding the potential revenue loss to their business and the value of confidential data,” according to Info Security Magazine . “A full 80% of respondents say their company’s leaders do not equate losing confidential data with a potential loss of revenue, even though the evidence is clear that data breaches have serious financial consequences for organizations.”
July 21, 2015
Following an influx of healthcare data breaches , UCLA Health System follows suit with the announcement that their computer network may too have been compromised. On May 5, UCLA determined that hackers had gained access to parts of their network where sensitive patient information was stored...
July 20, 2015
Ashley Madison , a service that connects married persons looking to have an affair, was the victim of a widespread cyber attack that compromised the data of approximately 37.5 million users.
July 07, 2015
With nearly a third of the world using social media on a regular basis, social media reach and privacy have become hot topics. This infographic looks at the main privacy concerns among social media users.
June 04, 2015
For the past few years, major organizations have dropped the ball on cybersecurity again and again. Retailers , insurance providers , educational institutions and even the U.S. government have all exposed inordinate amounts of their customers’ personal, financial and sometimes even medical information.