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Tuesday, June 20th

data visualization

May 26, 2017
Google has launched a new data visualization tool to help highlight relevant points.
Google’s Launched a New Data Visualization Tool, With GIFs as a Presentation Option | Social Media Today
May 27, 2015
Marketers and advertisers might have something to learn from McCandless because of how his work communicates complex ideas with very little effort from his viewers. “People across a range of industries, not just science, are struggling with their communication because their output doesn’t compete with what people see on a day-to-day basis,” McCandless told Guernica . “Some of the commercial work I do is helping people to improve their presentations and add some design thinking.”
November 13, 2014
Connecting with consumers is an essential part of the business process. This post discusses how visuals can be used to communicate more easily with customers, and the impact of looking at data visualizations when listening and analyzing social conversations to benefit all departments across the enterprise.
August 06, 2014
“With so much data out there, visualization becomes more and more important as a way of making sense of it all, especially opinions,” says Amy Kaufman, co-founder of Blopboard, a social polling platform that visualizes how opinions and sentiment change over time by users spread across all demographics and many countries. “We hope that aggregating and visualizing opinions in real time can refine the way people, businesses, and brands make decisions."
September 23, 2013
Social Media Week is well under way today, and we will be monitoring the conversations around the globe at over 2500 events across five continents that are scheduled this week. Helping to guide us towards the hot topics, biggest influencers, and top events around the globe is Brandwatch with a brand new data visualization.
March 20, 2012
There are several solutions popping up online geared toward this visual storytelling trend including Pinterest,, MindMeister and so many more. Visuals package data and information into a story. Stories create possibilities. Possibilities create dialogue. People like to share dialogue with other like minded people. I’m on board for this visual storytelling trend, and so are these companies:
September 03, 2009
If like me you are a sucker for visualisation tools (despite in my case having the design skills of a five year old), then it's worth getting your hands on one of the remaining Web Trend Map accounts. Web Trend Map is the brainchild of Tokyo based Oliver Reichenstein and Craig Mod , the people who...
July 23, 2009
A very great visualization thanks to Addtoany on how people share contents online. Facebook is now the first place, but followed by emails and Twitter. We don't have stats on how instant messengers help but it certainly drives a lot of traffic. (Click to enlarge) Link to original post
March 22, 2009
Using Mailana, a new Twitter Analysis tool I tried viewing my conversations ; heard about Mailana from Beth Kanter's blog . I also picket out “ Search Engine Strategies ” to find influentials who are on twitter than are blogging with each other about SES “, see below” Nice, but I'n not seeing...