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July 13, 2015
I've written before about viral content hoarding website ViralNova.com, which rose in the place of Upworthy, which crashed basically when Facebook closed a loophole in what content gets promoted on its news feed. ViralNova, which has been called one of the worst sites on the internet, gets attention with headlines so shameless (“This Old Couple Tragically Died in a Car Accident. But What Rescuers Found Inside Was Beautiful” is a typical one) it makes one wonder who in the world would even click on this clickiest of click-bait.
viral nova clickity
December 21, 2014
I had a fascinating conversation with Gerald Vanderpuye today. He was working a huge deal, and he shared what many of us would think as the Nightmare To End All Nightmares.
August 24, 2014
We all have them, we know what they look like. They’re stuck. We look at aging reports and see them staying in the same stage of the pipeline, not moving forward, getting older, moldier as time passes.
February 15, 2012
Rumors are swarming and anticipation is building for the long-awaited, fashionably late entrance of Facebook into the mobile advertising world. But while some may believe they missed the boat, the foundation has already been laid thanks to our culture’s penchant for virality
December 04, 2011
"The future is already here" features Tom Meyers, editor and founder of Eurocheapo, eurocheapo.com/. Part of Elastic Lab's Culture of Content Creation series on digital content creators. Filmmaker: Sarah Silbert, youtube.com/user/theupstartcrow.
November 10, 2010
Last week, Facebook launched a new app for Facebook Places called Deals . Deals essentially allows any small business to more easily offer deals when users check in to their place on Facebook. Why should you care? Obviously your nonprofit doesn’t offer deals as a way to raise donations. But the...
January 12, 2010
Depuis quelques jours, tout le monde s'extasie sur le nouveau partenariat entre LinkedIn et Twitter . Nous n'êtes pas sensés savoir que vous pouvez désormais très facilement synchroniser votre statut Twitter avec votre statut LinkedIn. Curieusement, j'hésite à sauter à pieds joints dans cet...
December 29, 2009
J'ai entendu cette info ce matin à la radio et je l'ai trouvée vraiment amusante. Vous avez une dent contre quelqu'un ? Ou bien, vous voulez offrir 100g de fumier à un ami qui a des plantes ? fumier.com est fait pour vous ! Une idée de Roger Combotte . Le site vous propose d'envoyer, de manière...
November 17, 2009
Pas une semaine ne se passe sans que l'on entende parler de Twitter. Je ne m'étalerais pas aujourd'hui sur la page des “Retweets” que je n'ai malheureusement pas encore sur mon profil (et que je ne peux donc pas expérimenter), mais vous parlerais bien davantage du partenariat que viennent de passer...
November 09, 2009
Il y a quelques mois, nous nous interrogions sur le retour en force de l'information payante , idée relancée en particulier par le magnat des médias Rupert Murdoch. Cette semaine, Murdoch a déclaré que le projet avait du retard : ""We are working all very, very hard at this but I wouldn't promise...