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digital marketing trends

March 03, 2017
This infographic provides an overview of the digital marketing trends expected to dominate in 2017.
Hottest Digital Advertising Trends in 2017 [Infographic] | Social Media Today
January 02, 2016
The New Year always signifies predictions and change for what’s to come, and it’s been no different here in 2016. Multiple writers have spent time predicting what strategies and trends are going to drive digital marketing this year, but people tend to forget that not everything has to change. There will still be marketing strategies that you used in 2015—or even earlier—that will continue to produce results here in 2016.
Digital Marketing Strategies You Can Still Depend on in 2016
February 02, 2015
A lot has been written about Millennials, those “kids” who came of age around the turn of the century. Also known as Generation Y, they are the current leaders of today’s emerging technology. Not surprisingly, they are also targets for marketers trying to get their attention about products ranging from beer to health food to cars. Some marketing experts are also looking ahead to Generation Z—the generation which not only grew up with computers but with digital technology at their tiny fingertips.
August 04, 2014
As social media becomes more integrated with our daily lives, its influence continues to grow. Selfies, status updates, even the most random of interactions are the basis for habits, and those habits will be crucial to the future of consumer behaviour. Are you prepared for the shift in your audience's expectation?
January 11, 2014
In the travel & hospitality sphere, it’s always insightful to take a closer look at how hotels embrace new technologies and face upcoming challenges. The folks at NetAffinity came up with this infographic that paints a good picture of digital marketing trends hotel marketers can expect in 2014.