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digital tech

February 28, 2015
Since the dawn of recorded history (and likely before), pundits and pontificators have warned of the promise and peril of new technologies. I recently had occasion to reflect on the dualistic nature of technology firsthand when faced with the dilemma of how to spend a few hours of free time the other evening.
September 02, 2014
You need to be prepared to manage the risks associated with operating in the digital era regardless of whether social media and other digital technologies are part of your organization’s strategic agenda. It is critical that you ensure your policies reflect digital era realities and that employees and managers understand not just the “new” rules, but also how “old” rules apply.
managing risks
May 08, 2014
We tend to think about social and digital technology more from a personal or consumer perspective than their business or professional applications, but as the Digital Era continues to progress, many of technology’s most profound impacts are likely to be in the world of work.