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email marketing

September 13, 2015
Digital marketing requires nimble strategies that evolve with the times. There should be no status quo and no resting on your laurels if you want to stay at the top of your competitive game. Past performance is in no way an indicator of future results, and neither is the time or budget you dedicate to your digital marketing strategy. Plenty of large corporations with seven-digit budgets make major marketing mistakes. Here are seven of the most common digital marketing missteps made by companies of all sizes.
Digital marketing missteps to avoid
September 10, 2015
A recent survey of business leaders showed that email and social media are the two channels most likely to see an increase in investment from business owners in 2015. Many businesses employ either email marketing, social media marketing or a combination of both, h owever many aren’t fully integrating the two together. Email marketing company Reachmail has put together a useful infographic that covers the benefits of integrating your social and email strategies together.
Why Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing Work Better Together [Infographic] | Social Media Today
September 09, 2015
Amid the buzz of Google's new logo last Monday, a lot of people missed Tuesday's announcement that native Gmail Ads are now available to all advertisers. The option to run these Gmail ads is now available in AdWords as part of a Display Network campaign.
August 03, 2015
Email marketing is still considered more effective than social media marketing, since the latter can be chaotic and difficult to measure. Yet, a marketing strategy that’s hip to the future needs to have both. Perhaps they shouldn’t be considered as separate entities, but two strategies working in tandem to drive customers to your business.
email social media marketing
July 20, 2015
There’s been a lot of talk about the importance of your email signature recently. The question is, how can you turn your email signature into a successful social marketing tool, without driving yourself, or the people that you are emailing crazy in the process?
July 15, 2015
There’s nothing more disappointing as a marketer than slaving over a great piece of content, then not getting the downloads, registrations, or views you were hoping for. If your new lead numbers are plateauing here are two ways you can unite your social media promotion and email marketing efforts to double the views, conversions, and ultimately new customers from your marketing content.
2 Ways To Unite Social Media and Email Marketing and Double Conversions | Social Media Today
June 06, 2015
For anyone who thought that email marketing was on its way out, you're sorely mistaken. This post will educate you on how to create the perfect email marketing template and put engaging content in front of your audience.
Tape measure
May 15, 2015
​ Let me guess what your small business online marketing strategy involves. In three words: blog, Facebook and Twitter. Now there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, if you had any sense that is exactly what your online marketing strategy should look like. If you play your cards right, this may be all you’ll ever need to effectively promote your small business online.
May 05, 2015
No matter which marketing automation tool you’ve invested in — Pardot, Marketo, Eloqua, HubSpot — figuring out how to structure and launch your first campaign can seem a little daunting. But a lead nurture campaign is one way that your new tool can really help your sales team keep prospects warm and turn them into opportunities, so understanding how best to make this work for your organization will set you on the road to getting the most out of your marketing automation platform.
The 7 Emails That Comprise Your First Lead Nurture Campaign
May 04, 2015
Email marketing has proven to be an effective strategy for maintaining relationships with leads and encouraging clients to become repeat clients. This list of dos and don’ts will help you break free from the constant "should I?" or "shouldn't I?" questions about email marketing.