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email marketing

April 04, 2015
The year was 1996. I had just signed up for Hotmail – a free email service. I had recently been introduced to email – something I rarely used, but was increasingly relying on it, especially to communicate with friends who were far away. But Hotmail was amazing. It was free.
Rich communication
March 27, 2015
Often through no fault of your own, some people will unsubscribe from your newsletters. But how many of you can say you have promptly removed these recipients off your mailing list? I personally have been subject to these annoying emails. Even though you have pressed unsubscribe, you continue to receive them. It really makes you despise the company doesn’t it? Why would anyone in their right mind ever want to buy anything from that company again?
March 18, 2015
Email is still one of marketing’s greatest tactics, but how effective is your email marketing? It’s cost effective (but not free), it’s easy to plan and execute in advance and very few people don’t access their email every single day, which means that in theory, the audience is engaged with the medium. So why do so many efforts fall flat?
email marketing
March 05, 2015
One way to get better at social media marketing is to deploy the learnings from email marketing to this medium. The most popular email marketing strategy is what is called the drip campaign. In a drip marketing campaign, businesses send a set of marketing messages at a pre-determined frequency to prospects.
March 04, 2015
Is your email marketing not getting the results you want? Follow this 12-point checklist to make sure your email marketing packs a wallop.
February 13, 2015
Even if your opens and clicks are up to par, a high bounce rate raises questions about the quality of your contact list. More importantly, a consistently high bounce rate can impact the deliverability of future email campaigns.
8 Reasons Email Bounce | LeadGenius
February 05, 2015
“When you've got 10,000 people trying to do the same thing, why would you want to be number 10,001?” asks Mark Cuban. Or, let’s be honest, why would you want to be anything other than number one? In the cutthroat world of online advertising, however, it can be a struggle.
February 01, 2015
Do you use email marketing? Do you use Facebook marketing? Have you ever thought of putting them together to boost your email open rate? If you answered “no,” maybe it’s time to think about marrying the two. Why? SalesForce ran a study that targeted 565,000 email subscribers with its regular email marketing and coordinated Facebook News Feed ads. The results were worth testing this strategy for your own business.
January 16, 2015
We’ve reviewed beginners’ B2B email marketing techniques, intermediate techniques, and A/B testing. These techniques got you one step closer to a well-rounded email marketing engine. In this post, it’s time to go deeper with understanding the nuts and bolts of email rendering.
January 16, 2015
You think you’ve done everything right: your message is relevant, the formatting is clean, your recipients have all opt-ed in. And yet, your email blast always comes back with what seems like a lot of bounces. What are you doing wrong? The answer could be nothing.