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employee advocacy

February 12, 2014
Information overload: a fact that isn't going away. And anyone managing an Employee Advocacy program needs to think about how you will help your employee advocates deal with the persistent problem of information overload and how best to then act on what's important.
February 09, 2014
Don’t assume that your people will instantly know what you’re trying to achieve by introducing employee advocacy into their sheltered lives. It’s particularly unhelpful for them to learn that your vision for the program goes no further than reversing the ban on social media at work.
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The Social Employee: Transform Your Employees into Brand Advocates

Your employees can help you reach an audience on social media that is 10x larger than what your brand is currently reaching. Many of your employees are willing, if not already sharing, your brand content. That’s why leading brands like Whole Foods Market are rolling out employee Advocate Marketing programs to power employees to voluntarily share the brand content with customers on social. Join this webinar to learn the 5 steps to launching an employee Advocate Marketing program.