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employee advocacy

October 14, 2015
Today Hootsuite announced Hootsuite Amplify , a mobile app and employee advocacy solution that lets employees share branded content with their social networks. The app seeks to empower employees by helping them “ build their professional brand, share content with their networks, and stay on top of the stories and news resonating across different departments, divisions, and regions.”
October 13, 2015
If you need to make the employee advocacy case, here is fascinating new data from Dynamic Signal and Mindshare to support the importance of engaged employees.
Engaged Employees
October 13, 2015
As reported in many different media and news sources, social network Twitter is laying off up to 336 employees, comprising 8% of its current workforce. This was the first major move by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, who was named permanent CEO just last week, to address the doldrums that Twitter has lately found itself in.
twitter layoff
September 22, 2015
If 2010 - 2015 was about content, 2015 and beyond is about context. Rather than spraying brand messaging via your employees that'll quickly max out their value and reach, help your staff add context to the message and aim to do things better than the competition.
How An Employee Advocacy Program Can Get You Fired (or Promoted) | Social Media Today
July 23, 2015
More organizations are realizing the value of having employees actively engaged on social media representing the organization. This is true of for-profit companies, non-profit organizations, as well as municipal and other government entities. These brand advocates benefit their organizations in a number of ways from increasing reach, to spotting trends, to responding to community needs. Across the board, the key to achieving success with brand advocates is training.
Employee Brand Advocates
July 09, 2015
Employee advocacy has long been mistaken for an initiative mostly for the benefit of the company, when actually the main beneficiaries are often the employees themselves. In order for an employee advocacy program to be effective, employees need to want to participate and see the value of their participation on a personal level.
June 22, 2015
For years we heard "this is the year of mobile." This is the year for employee advocacy.We spent years getting fans and likes on our brands' Facebook pages to build relationships and share content. Facebook has turned into an advertising play so a workaround is needed. That workaround is employee advocacy.
June 10, 2015
On June 8 th , Social Media Today and EveryoneSocial hosted the second annual Employee Advocacy Shake-up with powerful presenters from Adobe, IBM, Coca-Cola, Nestle Purina, Dell, and Whole Foods, to name just a few. Using a format similar to TED talks, we covered topics such as trends in the marketplace, best practices on executing content, measurement, legal, social selling and much more.