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4 Ways LinkedIn Publishing Can Help Your Job Search

Lauren Riley
When you think of job seeking using social media, what is the first network that pops into your head? If you didn’t think of LinkedIn immediately, then you’re probably in the minority.
4 Ways LinkedIn Publishing Can Help Your Job Search

Are My Social Activities Going to Cost Me a Job?

A number of reports now indicate that more and more employers are investing time and effort into seeing what their employees are doing with social media, both during and after the workday has ended.
Are My Social Activities Going to Cost Me a Job?

Social Media Scores Can Get You a Job


Tips for Finding a Job Through Tumblr

Deborah Sweeney
The micro-blogging outlet may be overlooked, but people are certainly trying to find jobs using it. And that makes sense – with an 85% retention rate and over 69 million blogs on its platform, Tumblr is a great way for job seekers, particularly ones fresh out of college, to try to network with other professionals and get a foot in the door.
Tips for Finding a Job Through Tumblr

Nine Simple Strategies to Help You Land a PR Job

"In the past few weeks, I’ve been asked by a number of PR and marketing professionals for advice on their job search in this tough market. Although the economy has made finding a job difficult, there are number ways to give yourself the edge and help you land an awesome PR job."

Is Recruitment Taking a Human Side?

Jorgen Sundberg
"We can see the faces and names of recruiters on Linkedin or other social networks. We know them better and we can even gather data about who they are. That is one of the consequences of Social Media…at last, recruitment is not anymore a cold letter saying that you have not been selected from an undisclosed person…(if you are lucky enough to get a letter)."

Personal Social Media Experience: A Negative for Job Seekers?

One recruiter's advice: “Remove all of your personal speaking, writing, blogging, and social media (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, SlideShare links, etc.) items from your resume. Companies don’t give a crap about that..." Is this the way it really is?

How to Find Your Dream Job in Social Media

My response to folks, who are feeling left out of the social media space and/or are looking for that next opportunity, is that all's not lost and many of their current skills can be very valuable in this space.