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What's Behind Salesforce Acquiring ExactTarget

mfauscette announced its intent to acquire email marketing and marketing automation vendor ExactTarget for ~$2.5B or $33.75/share, ending a few years worth of speculation as to which marketing automation vendor it would eventually acquire.
What's Behind Salesforce Acquiring ExactTarget

I Like You, But Just Not in That Way

"The importance of the 3F’s (friends, fans, and followers) does not lie in the initial conversion from consumer to connected consumer. Counting numbers as a metric here isn’t helpful or usefull. In fact, it’s misleading and potentially distracts any business from long-term success. The value in the connection is in understanding not only why a conversion took place, but learning about expectations and also studying behavior and preferences to deliver against them in social networks and in the real world."

Why Does Our Site Have More Klout Than Bill Keller and Why Should You Care?

Robin Carey
As leading CRM guru and my friend (and Advisor to our sister site, TheCustomerCollective) Paul Greenberg notes, “you can only measure what can be measured. And because online activity can be measured, all of a sudden it’s critical to how influential you are. It’s something of a self-fulfilling prophecy.”