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facebook advertising

October 15, 2015
Facebook's not dying - with 1.5 Billion monthly active users, its glaringly apparent that The Social Network isn't going anywhere. On the other hand, Facebook marketing is a vastly different platform altogether. Here's an inforgraphic which looks at the do's and don'ts of Facebook marketing.
Facebook Isn't Dead…Yet: The 10 Dos & Don’ts of Facebook Marketing [Infographic] | Social Media Today
October 08, 2015
With so many options for marketers in the modern age, it's hard to know which to go with to maximize your ad spend. One that absolutely cannot be ignored is Facebook - here's five reasons why all brands should be utilizing Facebook as a marketing channel.
October 07, 2015
Back in June, Facebook announced that it was testing a new ad option called ‘ Lead Ads ’, which would enable advertisers to receive contact information and queries from potential customers by giving them the ability to collect such data from Facebook direct. Now Facebook has announced that Lead Ads are available to all advertisers.
Facebook Announces Lead Ads Are Now Available to Advertisers Everywhere | Social Media Today
October 07, 2015
Facebook has announced a new ‘Advertiser Outcome Score’ metric for ads placed on the Audience Network.
Facebook Introduces ‘Advertiser Outcome Score’ for Audience Network Ads | Social Media Today
September 28, 2015
Facebook has today announced that it now has 2.5 million active advertisers, up from two million just seven months ago. In addition to the milestone, Facebook has announced four new ad features which they’re hoping will help them on their way to reaching 3 million advertisers in 2016.
Facebook Announces it Now Has 2.5 Million Advertisers, New Ad Features | Social Media Today
September 18, 2015
Facebook has come under fire of late over the way they charge for their ads, in particular video ads, and how transparent and effective their measurements are. To address this, Facebook has introduced two new options to assure advertisers that their content is being seen by real people.
Facebook Announces 100% In-View Ad Option, New Ad Metrics Verification | Social Media Today
September 05, 2015
Back in January, Facebook introduced a new tool to help marketers better understand how, exactly, their Facebook marketing efforts were contributing to their bottom line, called 'Conversion Lift'. The Social Network has announced an update to Conversion Lift that provides advertisers with comparison data which shows how each of their campaigns and ad approaches impact on their end goal.
Facebook Improves Conversion Lift Metrics to Enable Campaign-Level Comparison
August 14, 2015
In a new blog post, Facebook has outlined the case for advertisers to start considering their on-platform ad efforts for the upcoming holiday season, offering a range of tips and even a downloadable guide, to point businesses in the right direction.
How to Maximize Christmas Ad Campaigns on Facebook – According to Facebook | Social Media Today
August 11, 2015
With the holiday season approaching, Facebook is updating it's Dynamic Product Ad offering, which it introduced earlier this year. The new additions include cross-selling functionality, conversion optimization and improved in app options. Here’s how the new features will work.
Facebook Improves Ad Options Help Retailers Heading Into the Holiday Shopping Season | Social Media Today
July 29, 2015
Facebook has released its Q2 numbers , and the results uphold The Social Network’s place atop the heap among social media networks. Facebook’s Daily Active user base grew by 32 million, average time on platform was higher and revenue per user increased.
Facebook Q2 Numbers: 1.49 Billion Monthly Active Users, Revenue Per User Up | Social Media Today