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facebook advertising

April 19, 2016
Which brands are elevating the art of social media advertising with a combination of innovative visual tactics and mind-blowing creative? Check out these groundbreaking examples.
4 Groundbreaking Facebook Ads That Digital Marketers Need To See
April 13, 2016
The evolution of Facebook as a business teaches us valuable lessons about seeing new opportunities and changing business goals. Here are a few.
What the Evolution of Facebook Teaches Us about Business and Changing Goals
April 08, 2016
Without any fanfare, and certainly no notification to their advertisers, Facebook has removed the 20% text rule on their ads.
Facebook Changes Ad Image Text Overlay Rule | Social Media Today
April 03, 2016
If you've dabbled in paid advertising, you've no doubt come to realiz e that composing the perfect Facebook advert takes time and practice. Here are some best practice tips to get you on track.
7 Facebook Ad Tips That Will Help Improve Conversions | Social Media Today
March 30, 2016
Are you making the most of your Facebook ads? Here are seven common mistakes people make with their Facebook ad efforts, along with alternatives you can apply to correct them.
Best Practices for Advertising on Facebook
March 08, 2016
Looking to boost the performance of your Facebook ads? In this post, Paul Ramondo offers seven tips to help you improve the reach and effectiveness of your Facebook marketing efforts.
facebook ad hacks
March 02, 2016
Facebook has announced that is now has 3 million active advertisers on the platform. To celebrate, they've launched a new video creation tool for businesses to help them tell their brand story.
Facebook Reaches 3 Million Advertisers, Launches ‘Your Business Story’ Tool | Social Media Today
February 13, 2016
While video content is booming on Facebook, one of the key challenges for marketers has been in making video ads that work despite having no sound. To help with this, Facebook's developed a new auto-caption option to boost video ad engagement rates.
Facebook Adds Automated Captions for Video Ads, Offers Tips to Improve Video Performance | Social Media Today
February 11, 2016
How do you make sense of the many variables at play in Facebook's ad and ad bidding process? T here are two main metrics that allow you to quickly understand a campaign's performance and take the right actions.
Two Facebook Ads Metrics To Rule Them All | Social Media Today
February 03, 2016
You’ve got your social media strategy outlined, aligned and implemented - Check. You’ve got your target audience defined and identified -Check. But now comes the hard part: forging ahead of your competition, the elusive goal of marketing. In 2016, this is achievable but not without careful...
Staying One Step Ahead of the Game in 2016: Social Ad Targeting | Social Media Today