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Facebook features

January 27, 2017
Facebook's constantly evolving - here are six new features you should be aware of.
6 New Facebook Page Features Your Business Needs to Know About in 2017 | Social Media Today
October 26, 2016
Facebook has demonstrated a new visual filter tool they're working on which could bring a new element to Live video.
Facebook Shows Off New Visual Features Coming to Facebook Live | Social Media Today
January 28, 2016
Many social media platforms are well-prepared for Super Bowl Sunday, with Twitter leading the way and Snapchat organizing a content deal with the NFL. But what about Facebook?
Super Bowl Sunday Social Media Match-Up: Will the New Facebook Sports Stadium Win? | Social Media Today
January 21, 2016
Facebook's announced a range of updates to both their live-streaming tool ('Live') and their celebrity platform ('Mentions) aimed at improving the functionality of these offerings. And while Facebook hasn't yet made a big splash with their streaming tool, the signs point to they continue to develop and evolve the option, which could see them take a bigger step in future.
Facebook Announces Update to Live-Streaming, Mentions App | Social Media Today
December 15, 2015
Facebook Notes recently got a face-lift. The enhanced feature now looks similar to Medium blogging but offers a more powerful way to reach a wider audience through access to Facebook’s massive, built-in user base.
Blogging on Facebook: The Impact of Long-Form Notes | Social Media Today
November 25, 2015
Facebook recently introduced a new feature called Place Tips which provides subscribers with location-based recommendations. In this post, Brett Relander breaks down how they work and how businesses should prepare to maximize the benefits of the tool.
What You Need to Know About Place Tips for Your Facebook Advertising Campaign | Social Media Today
October 07, 2015
Facebook is giving users the ability to hand draw their own additions to photos with a new features called 'Doodle'.
Facebook Gives Users the Ability to Draw on Photos with New Feature | Social Media Today
July 30, 2015
You know how you have that “Skills and Endorsements” section on your LinkedIn profile where people can say you’re good at “Synchronized Swimming” or the like and you can choose to display it and show people what you’re the best at? Ever thought it'd be greatto have that same functionality with your friends?
Facebook Looking to Add Tags to Profile Pages | Social Media Today
July 22, 2014
How many times have you seen something interesting on Facebook only to forget what it was or who posted it later on? Now you can spare yourself this anguish with the help of a new Facebook save feature, which will help users keep interesting, important and memorable posts in their back pocket for future use.
June 05, 2012
Most online marketers know that paid ads (whether Google Adwords ads, Facebook ads or any other) must be written in a compelling way that peaks the interest of their target audience. Recently, GM pulled a $10 million advertising account from Facebook, claiming that the ads "don't work." Apparently, the auto industry giant determined that the impact on consumers isn't worth the ad spend. The question is, are Facebook ads really becoming ineffective, or is it the way GM's ads were written that was the problem? Today, the content of an ad (or any written material, including blog posts, articles, etc.) must be tightly targeted and written in a way that grabs the readers attention, plays on their emotions, compels them to want to find out more. Was this simply failure on GM's part to write effective ads, or is it something more?