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Facebook Groups

January 24, 2017
Facebook's putting more focus on Groups - which could present new opportunities for brands.
Facebook Looking to Improve Groups – New Opportunities to Consider | Social Media Today
January 13, 2017
Facebook's testing a new discussion topics tool in Groups to help better categorize areas of discussion.
Facebook's Testing Discussion Topics in Groups | Social Media Today
January 10, 2017
Facebook is testing a new application questionnaire feature for Facebook groups to help refine and improve the group membership process.
Facebook's Looking to Improve Group Member Moderation with Application Questions | Social Media Today
August 05, 2016
Take a look at your Facebook dashboard right now. Chances are, you’re a member of at least a few different groups. Regardless of what these groups revolve around – be it local yard sales or niche-related business news – you get regular content delivered direct to your News Feed, right? But while...
April 28, 2016
Do you need a Facebook Page or should you start a Facebook group - or both. Here's a basic rundown on the logic and purpose behind both options.
Facebook Page or Group - Which Is Better For Your Business?
April 03, 2015
​Every business has their secret weapon to bring in new customers. Today’s topic of discussion centers around one such secret if you have none for your business. Do you think promoting your brand through your business Facebook page will suffice? Well! There’s potentially a lot more to it than that. Let’s explore the most underutilized aspect of Facebook. The strategy is about creating Facebook Groups to lay the foundation of the best customer service.
April 02, 2013
There are several ways to engage with new and prospective students through social media, but consider trying Facebook Groups. They create an additional resource for your institution where students connect and communicate about what classes to take, clubs to join, best places to live, which meal plan reigns supreme, or just chatting about current events.
September 21, 2011
Facebook sent out an email today entitled "Facebook will be sending you less email - learn why. We're trying out a new feature to reduce the amount of email you receive from Facebook. Starting today, we are turning off most individual email notifications and instead, we'll send you a summary only if there are popular stories you may have missed..."
July 06, 2011
Facebook's LiveStreamed 'awesome product' launch did not live up to its promise but it has opened the way for Google steal a march on it.