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facebook marketing

October 08, 2015
With so many options for marketers in the modern age, it's hard to know which to go with to maximize your ad spend. One that absolutely cannot be ignored is Facebook - here's five reasons why all brands should be utilizing Facebook as a marketing channel.
October 07, 2015
Back in June, Facebook announced that it was testing a new ad option called ‘ Lead Ads ’, which would enable advertisers to receive contact information and queries from potential customers by giving them the ability to collect such data from Facebook direct. Now Facebook has announced that Lead Ads are available to all advertisers.
Facebook Announces Lead Ads Are Now Available to Advertisers Everywhere | Social Media Today
October 02, 2015
In today's hyper-connected world, if you don’t have a Facebook P age for your business or brand, you may as well not exist. Here are some tips on maximizing your Facebook presence.
Facebook marketing
October 01, 2015
There are 280 million friend requests sent on Facebook every day, more than four billion videos watched, 350 million photos are uploaded. That's a vast amount of data - how can marketers rationalize this conversation and hone in on the detail most relevant to them? Facebook's released a new guide examining just that.
Facebook Releases New Guide to Help Marketers Capitalize on ‘Moments That Matter’ | Social Media Today
October 01, 2015
Facebook is all about the sharing - it’s all about creating content that organically makes your fans want to show it to others without you expressly suggesting it. Here’s some tips on how to make that happen.
3 Strategies for Getting More Facebook Shares | Social Media Today
September 22, 2015
Almost a year ago, Facebook introduced a new ad offering called ‘ Local Awareness Ads ’. Just as it sounds, Local Awareness Ads make it easier for Facebook advertisers to reach audiences in the area immediately surrounding their place/s of business – as per the original release: “ Local awareness...
Facebook Releases Guide on How to Maximize Local Awareness Ads | Social Media Today
September 16, 2015
When starting out, it may have seem like an easy task to create a solid fan base via Facebook marketing. Everyone’s on Facebook these days, right? Surely there's an audience waiting to jump on and Like our page and keep themselves updated through our posts? Right? Unfortunately, it just isn’t that...
Facebook marketing mistakes
September 15, 2015
Content discovery platform BuzzSumo has launched a new Facebook analysis tool which could provide a big boost for your Facebook strategic efforts.
BuzzSumo Launches New Facebook Page Analysis Feature | Social Media Today
September 12, 2015
Each month, Facebook produces a series of regional reports on the hot issues, including what the top issues were, which demographic groups were the most active in the related discussion, and even when each specific discussion peaked, during the month. The reports offer great insight into Facebook’s audience, and the issues that matter most to each age and gender subset within it.
The Most Discussed Issues on Facebook from August [Infographic] | Social Media Today
September 09, 2015
How happy are you with your Facebook business Page? Pretty settled , pretty happy with how you’ve got it all formatted, with the background image cleverly integrating your profile image, etc.? Well (as per normal with Facebook) don’t get too comfortable, Marketing Land is reporting that Facebook is looking to update the format and look of Pages.
Facebook Testing New Layout for Brand Pages | Social Media Today